Kid Friendly Clothing (Durable) at Budget Friendly Prices!

This is what I learned while drinking coffee, playing superheros with my stepson, and “listening” to Good Morning America on TV this morning. So, I pulled the info. off their site, because I thought it was some GREAT back-to-school information for kid’s clothes.

If you’re like me, you want your child (or children) to look good when you drop them off at school. But, we ALL know that they don’t always look as “good” when you pick them up from school. It seems they have managed to spill half their lunch on their shirt, “unmentionables” from the nose on the sleeve, and grass stains on their pants from recess. WHAT do they do?? It cracks me up whenever we pick up my stepson from school, because you can get a recap of his whole day by looking at his clothes! I’m always in search of cute, durable, good quality clothes without the big price tag. Here are some budget friendly clothing lines that Good Housekeeping Magazine rated as “the best” for durability and comfort:

Their picks for the best clothing for the price:

Polo shirts at JC Penney for $7
Boys Cherokee Jeans at Target for $13
Girls Basics Edition flare jeans at Kmart for $13
T-shirts at Wal-Mart (Faded Glory brand) for $3.50

Looks like I will be shoppng these stores VERY SOON!!

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