Country? I don’t have “country”? Or do I…

A friend (Thank you, Diane!) of mine was kind enough to invite my hubby and I to the “Taste of Grace Goes Country” event a week or so ago. And, of course, we said “YES”! What a fun way to support a great cause, Grace Hospice, while having a date night! It was a “two for the price of one” kind of night!

Well, anyone who knows me…knows that I procrastinate! Planning…I don’t know that word. Planning AHEAD…NEVER do that! :)

So, it gets to be a day before the event and I begin to Hmmm….attire is country western. I live in Oklahoma. But, I’m from Minnesota. So, my closet isn’t exactly filled with cowboy boots, hats, and big buckles. (Sorry – remember, I grew up in MN, so, that’s my interpretation of “country”)And, here it is, the unanswered question: WHAT am I going to wear to this event?

I spent all afternoon the day before the event searching for “country”…as well as Saturday morning – the day OF the event! Running crazy, stressing out, snapping at my hubby….because I NEED COUNTRY!! It was a “I need to have a cute, adorable, rockin’ country outfit in less than 5 hours” kind of a day. Needless to say, it wasn’t a very good day!

I tried to take deep breaths and my hubby took me to Drysdales.  Come to find out, he needed a few country items for this event too (and, uh, he is from Texas…what?!?). After making an unexpected, not so cheap, purchase of cowboy boots, buying belts with bling, and necklaces with all kinds of crosses, horse shoes, and rhinestones, we headed home. I needed options – and we did have other things that we had to do that afternoon! So, it was all thrown in the back seat and we headed off to complete the rest of our agenda for that day…and just crossed my fingers and prayed that I would come up with something by the time the event rolled around.

Fast forward to getting ready for the event….

I have boots!


New boots!

Second step – ransacking my  closet, clothes strewn about the room…trying on 32 different outfits from dresses to jeans to skirts to figure out what was the best western “look” I could find. And, my poor hubby, having to answer the question of…”Do you like this?”, “What do you think of this?” …like, a million times…he was not happy..nor was he cooperating!

But, after all that, here is what I came up with:
Too much country?

 And, believe it or not…other than the cowboy boots..everything was in my closet! Yep, even the cowboy hat! It’s amazing what you can find…and all the things you forget you have buried in your closet! (Shh, don’t tell me hubby, he will make me clean my closet!)

Off to the event we go – and it was FABULOUS! We had a GREAT time supporting an awesome cause!

Liquor Ring Toss Game! Look what we won!

Fun was had by all! It was a great evening…and, once again, I survived a “waiting until the last minute..running crazy” kind of day! And, come to find out, I LOVE cowboy boots! I can’t wait to wear them again!

And, here is my favorite purchase of the day. All, you, “country folk”, probably know about this little gadget…but, I was newly introduced to it and have totally fallen in love with it. See newest gadget that I love!
A boot jack..who knew?!?
And, it’s so easy to use!

I’m in love! It’s so easy to use! Has to be one of my favorite purchases! And, for only $8.95!

I can’t wait to “Go Country” again!
For more information about Taste of Grace and the Grace Hospice Foundation:




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