Thunder Thursday – Giveaway!

Thunder Cuff - Harley and Maudes

Ok, I’m admitting something…here it is: 

I’ve become a Thunder fan fanatic more for all of the fabulous fashions than the amazingly talented team that we have playing hard for our state. I know, it’s terrible, but, true. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching the games, our team rocks, and I want them to go ALL THE WAY! But, I’ve fallen in love with all the ‘fan fashions’. And, I want to share some of that with you! 

Today, being game day, I’m giving away a fun and fabulous ‘Thunder Cuff’ from Harley and Maudes. Here is what you have to do – just comment on this blog post and tell me something about you and the Thunder – watching the games, favorite play, favorite fashions, etc. I will draw a name this evening and post the winner! 

Good luck – and Thunder Up! 

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28 Responses to “Thunder Thursday – Giveaway!”

  1. Sharon Reed says:

    I love everything THUNDER!! I never miss a game & ESP love going to the games!!

  2. Kristen Howell says:

    Mom to 2yo and 6yo…LOVE watching the games as a family and hearing my daughter say OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER!!!!

  3. Amy Urbach says:

    Love the bracelet. Love our Thunder!!! ThunderUp

  4. Allison Haynes says:

    I love cheering on our team and watching my husband enjoy every minute of the game!

  5. Mary Benes says:

    I LOVE this cuff!! Thunder Thursday!

  6. nicole says:

    id luv to rock this thunder cuff year round not just in the finals. luv

  7. Michele Shell says:

    I love this cuff!!! Thunder Up!!

  8. Jill says:

    ADORABLE! I think it was perfect waking up to actual thunder this morning. I think it is a great sign of things to come tonight!

  9. Love the THUNDER! Tonight we are having “Mommy Wine Night” and watching the game! Thunder Up!

  10. Michele Estes says:

    ThUnDeR uP…I love Perkins. I am THUNDER crazy! New shits from Blue Seven in okc…love, love, love! Would love to add this to my THUNDERwear!

  11. Terren says:

    I am loving the Thunder Fashions! I like seeing everyone in the their “Game Day” wear around Tulsa! I have found myself buying Thunder gear for myself and husband lately! LOVE it!

  12. Sandy F says:

    Me and my little guy love going to OKC to watch them play of course while wearing our favorite Thunder gear!

  13. Mina says:

    My fourteen year old daughter Vanessa has “Thunder” fever! During the games you can’t pry her from the tv for anything! THUNDER UP!

  14. Rachel Pape says:

    I too am a Thunder fashion fanatic! Thunder up! :)

  15. Nikki Rottmayer says:

    Thunder Up! Wishing my hubby was home to watch the game with me tonight.

  16. sunie says:

    My boys are huge Thunder fans and have been for a long time. They have been to home games over the years, but lately their enthusiasm has kicked into high gear! My daughter and I are trying to share in their excitement. For fathers day she made her dad and brother string friendship bracelets with the team colors. They are not as shiny as this one, but they wear them with pride!

    Fun giveaway, thanks for letting us participate!

  17. Amy Calvert says:

    LOVE this! Lets see….I’m the only Thunder Fan in my house – could really use this to put it in my Hubby’s Face LOL!!!! Love you and your site! Great info and lots of fun and fashion!

  18. Jen Lyness says:

    I love how the Thunder has unified our state. It is awesome to see everyone cheering them on.
    The cuff is A-dorable!

  19. Kim Fuller says:

    I’ll be watching the Game on Brookside in my blingy THUNDER shirt, BANKING

  20. Kim Fuller says:

    I’ll be watching the Game on Brookside in my blingy THUNDER shirt, BANKING on a Game 6 and 7 (because those are the only games I can go to!!) THUNDER UP!

  21. Betsy says:

    Love this cuff! Love the Thunder! Thunder Up!!

  22. Andrea Griggs says:

    Awesome giveaway gift. THUNDERUP!!!

  23. Michelle Villabrille says:

    Super cute! Love it <3

    When I moved to Oklahoma about 6 months ago I was never into basketball until one day I was watching a Thunder game and became hooked! My boyfriend is a huge Thunder fan and I've been looking for something stylish and cute to wear during the Thunder games and I know this would be the perfect piece.

    Love your site!

  24. Renee Czarniak says:

    We love to thunder up with our kiddos and our popcorn!!!

  25. Avery Humphrey says:

    My dad lives in OKC so that means I sort of do too!! So I love my OKC THUNDER!! I love watching the games with my parents!! Our whole family stops everything to watch the THUNDER play!!

  26. Charla says:

    Love, love, love the Thunder!! Watching my 6 year old son and my almost 2 year old daughter get so excited and in to the game, makes my heart smile!! So, win or lose, they are still THUNDER and proud to wear their colors!! Go Thunder! Let’s make history!!!

  27. tasha noonkester says:

    This stylish step momma is watching the thunder game with all five of my favorite guys!

  28. Sandy Leatherman says:

    We took my son to the Dallas Mavericks game for his 15th birthday. It was great! It was the game where KD shot the last second shot to win the game!!! I loved it!!

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