Baby Shower Decor Ideas (GDGC)

My apologies on the delay of this posting! I’ve been having a great time with family celebrating the newest addition of the Austin family! (Who happens to be the ‘arrival’ we are/were celebrating with these baby shower decorating ideas). 

Keep these things in mind when planning a baby shower: 

-Budget. Don’t go over budget. You can get caught up, very easily, with Pinterest, Etsy, etc. 

-Talk to the Mother-to-Be. Find out what her likes and dislikes are, favorite foods (especially be aware of any particular food issues with pregnancy), gender of baby, etc. 

-Games. Not everyone enjoys playing games, so think of a simple, easy ‘ice breaker’ that can be played to get the guests mingling and talking to each other. 

Congratulations to Steven and Dani as they welcome their bundle of joy! 

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