Thanksgiving – Kid Style

The Kid Table

Remember the good ol’ ‘kid table’ over the holidays? I remember being at my Grandma’s for the holidays and the kids were always assigned to sitting around the folding tables in the living room while the adults sat around the dining room table. And, now, as an adult at holidays, I still hear kids asking, “Where do I get to sit?” And, you hear the answer, “At the kid table”. 

But, why not make the kid table fun? AND, why not have the kids help decorate the kid table? 

Here is my first suggestion. Wrap the kid table in brown craft paper. It’s perfect for kid’s to draw and color on while the adults are wanting to squeeze in just a few minutes more of good adult conversation. As well as, when they are done drawing and eating, you can throw it away. 

The rest of the crafts were easy, fun, and cheap! Everything we used, we already had at home. 

Paper Towel Turkey

Needed: Empty paper towel roll (cut in half), construction paper, glue, markers, hands

Trace hands and cut out of construction paper. Glue to paper towel roll. Add turkey face to paper towel roll. 

Harvest Popcorn Cobs

Needed: Construction paper, popcorn, glue.

Cut out the corn cob silhouette in green and yellow construction paper. Glue popcorn onto the yellow cob. Let dry. 

Leaf Turkey Name Cards

Needed: Leaves, construction paper, glue. 

Have the kids gather various leaves from outside. Glue leaves onto construction paper to make it look like turkey feathers. Cut out body/head of turkey and glue over the leaves. Add names of the kids sitting at the kid table. 

The Thankful Tree

I think my favorite homemade decoration is the Thankful Tree. Have the kids gather branches. Stick them in your favorite jar/vase. Make paper leaves out of construction paper. The leaves say “I’m Thankful For….” and have the guests write their answer on the leaves and hang on the branches. Just a friendly reminder of why we celebrate the holiday and to remind ourselves to give thanks!

And, why not have the kids help you with some yummy Thanksgiving treats too….

Easy Thanksgiving Treats

Pilgrim Hats

Needed: Fudge stripe cookies, frosting, peanut butter cups. 

Place cookie face down, drop frosting in the middle, and put peanut butter cup on top. 


Needed: Mini nutter butters, frosting, hershey kisses, mini chocolate chips

Separate nutter butters, put frosting on each half and place hershey kiss. Take frosting and put mini chocolate chip on top. 

Rice Krispy Turkeys

Needed: Rice Krispies Treats (make as directed) rolled into balls, fudge stripe cookies, frosting, candy corn

Place cookie face down, put frosting on it and place rice krispy ball on top. Put frosting on second cookie, add candy corn for turkey feathers and place on back of rice krispy ball. Use one candy corn for face of turkey. 

With these decorations and yummy treats, I guarantee ‘the kid table’ will be the cool place to be! 

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