Sale Shopping in January

The holidays are over! Whew! What a whirlwind ride! Every year, I feel like they creep up on me faster and faster….

If you are like me, you are looking at your wallet wondering where did all of my money go? I was going to stay on budget? I was not going to overbuy? Only to realize that I have not stayed on budget, totally overbought, and have no idea where my money went! 

Now, I’m hoping that most of you are NOT like me and you have a little shopping money to spare, because January is a great time to stock up on some items and save..BIG! January is where retailers start to clear out their winter wear and gear up for spring. It’s a perfect opportunity to stock up on Christmas decor, boots, winter gear, any special holiday promo packs (who says you can’t take it out of the holiday packaging and use for birthday gifts throughout the year) and so much more. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. More ‘bang for your buck’. Returning unwanted Christmas gifts? Gift cards? May be able to purchase/exchange for more items than you would have before Christmas.
  2. Don’t get carried away with clearance. Stick to budget, especially after all of your holiday purchases. Start the New Year off right, not in more debt.
  3. Have fun with some trends, but be smart about purchases. Clearance is the time to splurge on some ‘wants’ vs. ‘need’, because prices are low, but, stick to just a few ‘want’ items. 
  4. Think ahead when shopping clearance – buying ahead in kid’s sizes for winter gear, turn holiday promo gifts into future gifts, etc.
  5. Typical items on sale in January – fitness wear for the healthier New Year resolutions, TV/electronics for the upcoming Super Bowl, and winter wear – boots, gloves, coats, etc – as retailers clear out for their spring inventory.
  6. Stock up on basics. The New Year always bring on organization and purging urges, so take this time to inventory your closet. And, shop sale/clearance to stock up on those missing pieces.
  7. Quieter shopping environment. January is the perfect time to get more one-on-one help in stores, ‘less stress’ of crowds, and a better parking spot too.

There are definite advantages to stocking up on sale items this month – just make sure you are ‘smart’ about it! 

Happy Shopping! 

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