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Spice up Spring with Scarves – Great Day Green Country Segment

Did you see a favorite scarf on the Fox23 Great Day Green Country segment today? Here are all the scarves I showed along with store names and links. 

Scarves are wonderful transition pieces to move from season to season as well as giving an outfit the final touch of WOW with color, texture and/or pattern. 

Scarves are a perfect accessory for your spring style!


Little Black Dress

Lazy Day-Z Gifts

POSH Style


 Store Links: 

Lazy Day-Z Gifts

Little Black Dress

POSH Style

The Red Dress (crown not included) – What I Wear


A dress fit for a queen, right?

HA! It’s fit for everyone!

This dress was one of those ‘on a whim’ purchases. I was zipping through the mall and ‘Cache’ was having a $79.00 dress sale. The word ‘sale’ definitely caught my eye and I thought, ‘Hey, you can never have enough dresses, right?’. Isn’t that what every woman thinks? 

It’s a classic piece in a beautiful shade of red with just a touch of ‘edge’ with the cutout. Perfect! Wrap it up, I’m sold. Got it home and thought…hmmm…wonder where I will wear this dress?

Fast forward about 3 weeks, running around like a crazy person with meetings, TV segment, school pick up/drop offs, traveling most of the week, and oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s the Mrs. Oklahoma International 2012 pageant the next day!

What to wear? What to wear? 

Ah, the red dress! But, it needs a little more ‘bling’, I am going to a pageant after all! So, without hesitation, I added some amber jeweled earrings (which, sorry, you can’t see with my hair), a beautiful amber jeweled brooch, gold/amber bangles and a pair of gold slingbacks. 

Done! Off to the pageant….oh, and don’t forget the crown to complete the look! 




Turquoise, NOT Blue – ‘What I Wear’

heidi_what i wear-scarf

Ok, for those of you who don’t know me personally, I’ve held a defiant stance against the color blue for quite some time. Never been a big fan of blue and I was not afraid to share with others. Everyone has their favorite color and/or colors – blue just wasn’t on my list. 

But, it has been brought to my attention recently that I need to be careful with that statement or retract it. It turns out I do like blue. Certain SHADES of blue, that is. 

For example, Turquoise. LOVE it! Can’t get enough of it. Take a look at this outfit I put together. Turquoise scarf, turquoise tank top…I even have a turquoise phone cover. Wow – Navy, another great shade! BLUE jeans…uh oh, I have those on too! Turns out, I have to admit, I DO LIKE blue

Isn’t it funny how you can think one thing, but, do another! Clearly, by this outfit choice, I do like blue…well, turquoise, that is! 

Has this ever happened to you? Have you been so dead set against a color and than realize that you wear it more than you think? 


Turquoise Scarf, Oatmeal Dolman Sleeve Top and Turquoise Tank Top: POSH

Miss Me Jeans

Born boots



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