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Scarf Options for Spring

Hi Everyone!

Continuing our discussion about using scarves for the winter to spring transition I thought I would show you a few options.  Here’s a brief video that explains one way to wear a scarf you may not have thought of!


Let me know of any cool uses of scarves you have come up with for your spring wardrobe!



Transitioning to Spring – What I Wear

Here is a ‘how to video’ on easy ways to layer so you are comfortable in the cool mornings of spring and can also be comfortable in the warmer afternoons.  

I would love your feedback, let me know how YOU style for these transitional days!

Spice up Spring with Scarves – Great Day Green Country Segment

Did you see a favorite scarf on the Fox23 Great Day Green Country segment today? Here are all the scarves I showed along with store names and links. 

Scarves are wonderful transition pieces to move from season to season as well as giving an outfit the final touch of WOW with color, texture and/or pattern. 

Scarves are a perfect accessory for your spring style!


Little Black Dress

Lazy Day-Z Gifts

POSH Style


 Store Links: 

Lazy Day-Z Gifts

Little Black Dress

POSH Style

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