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‘Transitional Treats’ for your Feet!

It’s that time of year! They call it…transitional. The time when everything you want to wear is on sale and things you want to buy are too warm to wear right now. It’s no longer summer, but, it’s not quite fall? So, what’s the ‘safest things’ to buy during this ‘transitional time’? Jewelry…and SHOES! 

So, I headed down the road to JCole Shoes…

Sperry TopSider - JCole

The good ol’ Sperry Topsider is still coming in strong with a ton of colors, patterns, and materials. College bound students are filling their backpacks full of this style shoe. Classic comfort with an edge! I know, I live in Oklahoma – but, for you, Alabama fans (I know this, because my sis-in-law is one), you are going to want to get your hands on this black patent, houndstooth version. 

Colorful Wedge Heels - JCole

LOVING the patterned wedge. Perfect for now and for Fall. The silhouette works in your favor for now and the colors lean towards Fall. A good transitional shoe, for example with the wedge, has more ‘foot coverage’ than your average strappy sandal. It allows you to still show off your pedicures as the temperatures begin to drop. 

Open Toe/Peep Toe Shoes - JCole

 The ‘peep-toe’ silhouette is a great transitional option too. It allows you, as I said earlier, to show your toes, but, still have the coverage with the overall shoe. If you are like me, I avoid pulling out the closed toe shoes until I absolutely have to! These beautiful varieties would compliment your night on the town and/or a special event. 

Boots/Booties - JCole

Believe it or not, boots/booties have become a hot trend for the transitional period. Pair them now with a fun, flirty skirt or a pair of denim cut-offs and wear later with jean/leggings when the weather turns cold. As a matter of fact, when I picked up these shoes for the segment, one of the owners of JCole was rocking the bootie with a pair of denim cut-offs and a flirty, sleeveless top. Super cute! And, the clog is always a staple that has stood the test of time. Perfect for the closed-toe ‘look’ without covering your whole foot when pairing with your favorite blue jeans. 

This is just a sampling of what is out there to keep your feet looking good as the weather begins to cool off. Just remember a few things: 

-Pay attention to the materials of the shoe – leathers, suedes, and animal prints pave the way into Fall

-More ‘foot coverage’ allows you to wear a sandal/wedge into cooler temperatures

-Peep toes are a great alternative to a strappy stiletto

-Think ‘out of the box’ when it comes to your whole ‘look’ – boots/booties are hotter than ever to pair with denim cut-offs and/or a flirty skirt for now and jeans for later.

Happy Shopping! 


JCole Shoes

9930 Riverside Parkway 

Tulsa, OK


Back To School/Fall Fashion Show

I had the FUN pleasure of working with some really great kids and produce a Back To School/Fall Fashion Show for Kids!
It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids stole the show! Now, yes, the kids WERE the show…but, the outfits were supposed to be the “focal point”. Instead, it was, literally, the kids that stole the show, because they were so adorable! They did a fabulous job!
I had to share a few of the photos and let you in on a few “kid trends”, which can EASILY be converted into adult trends, as well.
Classic: PREPPY never goes out of style. Most people prefer the term: TIMELESS. You will always have the classic look with the jeans, cardigans, and polo shirts. You can never go wrong when you go the “classic” route!
Rock Star: Rock star is HUGE right now! Letting your “inner rock star” shine through with the skinny ties, some bling, guitars, and neon colors.

Mad For Plaid: Plaid is everywhere! It’s being combined WITH the rock star look or on it’s own in shirts, skirts, and even shoes. All color combinations and variations are hot right now! So, go crazy with plaid!

The hardest part for me was trying to decide what outfits to have the kids wear, because the choices are endless. If I could have had 100 kids in the show, I would STILL have a hard time picking out outfits.
Everyone at the mall, in the stores, the kids, and parents were all very helpful and all important pieces to the show! THANK YOU for participating in it!
If you haven’t done your back to school shopping yet, don’t delay….check out these fun styles today!

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