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National Wear Red Day – TODAY – Fri, Feb. 5th!

As you’re picking out what to wear this morning, only look at the items that are RED. Red! Red! Red! By wearing red today, you will support the American Heart Association with their Go Red For Women campaign.

I’m not going to get into all the specific statistics. It is as simple as this…heart disease is known as “the silent killer”. It is amazing how many women die of heart disease every day, every minute, and are totally unaware that they even have a problem. Most women think cancer is the leading killer in women….WRONG! It is heart disease!
So, this is the day, as well as everyday, to show your support! WEAR RED! Tell all the women in your life to support the cause and join the movement of GO RED FOR WOMEN! It could help save another woman’s life!
Will you be wearing red today? I will be….

The United States Olympics Team Goes "Designer"!

(Image from the Today Show website/AP)

On the Today show this morning, they unveiled the outfits to be worn by the United States team for the opening ceremonies. The United States will be going “designer” by sporting outfits by, none other than, Ralph Lauren. The iconic POLO logo can be found on the jacket, which also includes an American Flag on the back of it!

The United States will be opening the games IN STYLE!

I’m curious……do you like the opening ceremony outfit?

Helping Haiti in Fashion…

Ok, I’m the first one to admit that I’m stealing this information from the infamous Rachel Zoe. Yes, THE Rachel Zoe, the stylist of the stars. WOW, to be working for her!!

Sorry, I’m “stealing” your information, Rachel, but, I felt it was important to share with more people!

Anyway, I saw this on Rachel’s blog and had to share, because I think it is an awesome piece of jewelry, as well as for a great cause to support the recovery of Haiti. I will let Rachel tell you more about it. Check it out:


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