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Wild and Western! Grace Goes Country Options…


3D Ranch - The Market

 Besides the fact that we live in Oklahoma and cowboy boots and western wear are fairly common, it’s also time for the Grace Goes Country event that benefits the Grace Hospice Foundation. It’s THIS Friday, September 21,2012. If you are still looking for some ideas on ‘what to wear’, here are a few places to check out! 

3D Ranch - The Market

 Who doesn’t love the traditional silver and turquoise combination, in jewelry, when it comes to the wild, wild west? I love it! And, the red tones are gorgeous too. 

A variety of ways to accessorize any outfit. 

And, did you check out the boots? Loving the vibrant floral, color combination. Rugged, yet, feminine, all at the same time. 

3D Ranch carries a variety of boots by Lane and Old Gringo. I have a pair from 3D Ranch, that were, recently, shown in the collegiate wear segment. It’s a cowboy boot with side zippers. So, for those of you, with a high arch, like me, you can actually get your foot into them. They are wonderful and I am planning my outfit around them for this upcoming event. 

And, rumor has it…a pair of turquoise boots are on their way too! So, keep an eye out – I’m sure they will disappear quickly. 

3D Ranch can be found at The Market, which is at the corner of 81st/Harvard. (There are many booths certain to ‘catch your eye’ on inside!) 


Donna's Fashions

And, if it’s an outfit you are looking for, BEFORE adding jewelry and boots, you better head to Donna’s Fashions. 

Donna’s carries a variety of clothing.  But, am certain you will find a little western flare in some of the styles and brands. Strictly, my opinion…but, I think, Donna, herself, is a ‘little bit city’ and a ‘little bit country’. She finds fun and unique looks to combine the best of both worlds for her customers. 

Rustic Cuff is a great jewelry option that is offered at Donna’s too. Made from a variety of textures, fabrics, leathers, and other animal skins, it is a perfect element to add to an outfit for a more ‘subtle western flare’. 

Whether you are more ‘city girl’ than ‘country girl’, Donna’s is sure to set you up in style for any look, western, or not, for any upcoming event you may have on your calendar. 

Donna’s Fashions can be found at 101st/Yale. 


Rockin' Sooner Ranch


 If you are in the Brookside area, Rockin’ Sooner Ranch is another fun shopping destination sure to fill your western needs. 

Rockin’ Sooner Ranch carries a plethora of merchandise that ranges from clothes to jewelry to boots to home decor. All with it’s own western/southwestern flare. 

Another fabulous destination that will take you by surprise with all of their merchantile treasures. 

Whether you have ‘country’ in your blood or need a ‘little country’ for an event – all of these retailers are sure to give you plenty of choices to complete the look that YOU are looking for….

I hope to see many of you at the Grace Goes Country event this Friday. It supports the Grace Hospice Foundation – which helps fund various hospice centers around Eastern Oklahoma. 

What a fun way to help support a great cause! 

I’m ready for a boot-scootin’ good time! Are you? 


Donna's Fashions



Donna’s Fashions

3D Ranch – The Market

Rockin’ Sooner Ranch Merchantile

What I Wear: Kohls Casual

Casual Chic – without breaking the bank!  
kohls casual what i wear

$19.99 Dress/$35.00 Wedges


What I Wear

As the temperature warms up, dresses become a staple in my wardrobe. Take a simple knit dress, add a belt to define the waist and a jean jacket for the cool mornings (and/or if it’s necessary to be more conservative – like the work place). Throw on a statement necklace and you can turn a very inexpensive dress into the perfect ensemble.

Shoes I Wear

The cream wedges are another inexpensive item that I’ve added to my spring/summer wardrobe. They are a fabulous transitional color that works with a multitude of outfits. They might just be my ‘go to’ shoe for the season!


Link: Kohls


You Don’t Have To Be A Cowboy…To Wear Jeans!

Boyfriend/Nordstrom Boyfriend/Old navy Skinny/Nordstrom Skinny/Old Navy

Distressed/Nordstroms Distressed/Old Navy Flared/Nordstroms Flared/Old Navy
Living in Oklahoma, jeans are definitely a clothing staple in this state. But, realistically, what states DON’T have jeans as a clothing staple these days. Oklahoma is filled with cowboys, ranchers, and, yes, cowgirls too, where jeans are their “go-to” clothing staple! Now, don’t get me wrong, Levi’s and Wranglers are great resources for jeans and have been around for MANY, MANY years. But, let’s face it, not all of us want to wear Levi’s and Wranglers…well, not everyday….
Check out what’s available in denim for this fall (examples above):
1. Distressed Jeans: Yep, it’s official! You, actually, WANT your jeans to have holes in them. Just be weary that there aren’t more holes than actual jean.
2. Flared Jeans: These are a great option, if you are tall, as well as if you are trying to balance out a pear shape.

3. Boyfriend Jeans: These are meant to be fun, a little bit loose with a “worn out” look to them. Perfect for looking great while running errands!

4. Skinny Jeans: This style is harder to wear and you have to be more particular with your top choices in order to balance proportions appropriately. A more “forgiving” version of this style is the straight leg jean.
Here is the most important thing when it comes to jeans: MAKE SURE THEY FIT! It’s not good to see body parts that you shouldn’t be seeing ( you know what I’m talking about), as well as you don’t want to look like you had to jump off a building to get in to them. The cut needs to fit your body type, as well as the proportion makes sense to your body type.
Jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be used for casual wear, “casual Fridays”, or even dressy (depending on the cut, style, and rinse). There are a variety of ways to wear them, so make purchases that make sense to your lifestyle!
So…don’t delay….find the right pair of jeans for you today!
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