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Make a Statement!

Make a Statement…WITH a STATEMENT NECKLACE. Now, what are the qualifications for a necklace to be called a “statement necklace”? Well, it’s the necklace that stops you in your tracks when browsing in a store or when someone walks by with one around their neck. It’s a piece of jewelry that is, typically, ornate, oversized, and intricate.

Statement necklaces are PERFECT for dressing up a basic t-shirt, tank, or dress. A piece like this DEFINITELY STANDS ALONE. Do not…I repeat…do not bury yourself in other pieces of jewelry when wearing a statement piece and/or competing prints. The statement necklace is there to….you know…say it with me….MAKE A STATEMENT!
Now, keep in mind their is STATEMENT JEWELRY like ornate, oversized bangles or earrings too. But, it’s the STATEMENT NECKLACE that really catches MY eye!
J. Spencer Jewlery, a local spot in Tulsa, carries a few of the Statement pieces as I was there over the weekend buying a birthday gift. I actually carried a statement necklace around with me for quite awhile before deciding I had to show some self-restraint and ONLY BUY THE BIRTHDAY GIFT!
Okay, I know what you’re thinking…if Stylish Stepmom didn’t buy one, why would I want to buy one? Well, no worries there, as I have a few of them already hanging in my closet! HA!
Other places to find some fabulous and fun statement necklaces/jewelry: (necklaces above are from Banana Republic)
A word about Stella and Dot. Take a look at their website. They have some REALLY FABULOUS statement pieces in their inventory. It is a direct marketing company where they show their inventory via an “in home showing”. It is some really fun merchandise, so check it out and find a stylist near you! (If you live in the Tulsa area and are interested, I can give you the name of two stylists that I know in the area.)
Don’t delay….find a statement necklace that makes YOUR statement today!

Back To School/Fall Fashion Show

I had the FUN pleasure of working with some really great kids and produce a Back To School/Fall Fashion Show for Kids!
It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids stole the show! Now, yes, the kids WERE the show…but, the outfits were supposed to be the “focal point”. Instead, it was, literally, the kids that stole the show, because they were so adorable! They did a fabulous job!
I had to share a few of the photos and let you in on a few “kid trends”, which can EASILY be converted into adult trends, as well.
Classic: PREPPY never goes out of style. Most people prefer the term: TIMELESS. You will always have the classic look with the jeans, cardigans, and polo shirts. You can never go wrong when you go the “classic” route!
Rock Star: Rock star is HUGE right now! Letting your “inner rock star” shine through with the skinny ties, some bling, guitars, and neon colors.

Mad For Plaid: Plaid is everywhere! It’s being combined WITH the rock star look or on it’s own in shirts, skirts, and even shoes. All color combinations and variations are hot right now! So, go crazy with plaid!

The hardest part for me was trying to decide what outfits to have the kids wear, because the choices are endless. If I could have had 100 kids in the show, I would STILL have a hard time picking out outfits.
Everyone at the mall, in the stores, the kids, and parents were all very helpful and all important pieces to the show! THANK YOU for participating in it!
If you haven’t done your back to school shopping yet, don’t delay….check out these fun styles today!

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