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Thunder Fun – GDGC TV Segment

The OKC Thunder are in the NBA Finals! YAY!!! (hear the crowd go wild…)

With that, people in the state of Oklahoma will be flocking to the games and watch parties to support the OKC Thunder!

Before you head out to those parties, make sure you are decked out in the latest “Thunder Fun Fashions”…..

Junk Jewelry by Harley and Maudes

Harley and Maudes

Cannot get enough of the Thunder ‘junk jewelry’ by Harley and Maudes! Super cute! Hard to pick just one….

Link: Harley and Maudes


The hottest Thunder item in Tulsa – Tshirts by LivyLu! Impossible to find and selling out everywhere! But, GOOD NEWS! More shipments arriving at POSH, Must Stash, and On The Corner this week! Adorable!

Links: POSH, Must Stash, On The Corner


Not every girl wants to have ‘Thunder’ screaming across her chest. So, here are some alternatives from POSH. Who says you can’t still be stylish and in the spirit of the game? 

Link: POSH

Must Stash

LOVE my friends at Must Stash! It’s the perfect store for all your super fun Tshirt needs (and more)! Tons of Thunder fan options for women and men – for the latter, all the way down to their underwear! 

And, as I write up this product list, I’m waiting on brand new, ‘hot off the presses’ designs that will be at Must Stash too! Can’t wait to see them – they will be debuted on the GDGC segment!

Link: Must Stash

One piece of advice: RUN…don’t walk…to purchase these items! They are going fast! 

It’s time to….Thunder Up! 



What I Wear: Kohls Casual

Casual Chic – without breaking the bank!  
kohls casual what i wear

$19.99 Dress/$35.00 Wedges


What I Wear

As the temperature warms up, dresses become a staple in my wardrobe. Take a simple knit dress, add a belt to define the waist and a jean jacket for the cool mornings (and/or if it’s necessary to be more conservative – like the work place). Throw on a statement necklace and you can turn a very inexpensive dress into the perfect ensemble.

Shoes I Wear

The cream wedges are another inexpensive item that I’ve added to my spring/summer wardrobe. They are a fabulous transitional color that works with a multitude of outfits. They might just be my ‘go to’ shoe for the season!


Link: Kohls


It’s May! End of School – Means Graduation! (Graduation Gift Ideas – GDGC Product List)

It’s May!! It always seems to be one of the busiest times of year for everyone…mainly, because school is ending! And, with that, means…Graduations!

Take a peek at the Graduation Gift ideas that I showcased on Great Day Green Country today….

By LivyLu

By LivyLu

LOVING LivyLu! They put the ‘sparkle and shine’ into your favorite college gear – ‘College Couture’! Super cute tees and dresses to show support for your favorite school/team.
Who says you have to wear jeans and basic crewneck Tshirts to the football game? Or any game for that matter?
Perfect for the new grad that wants to stand out in a crowd!
Link: Livy Lu

 ImAnerdClothing is a fun and quirky Tshirt company spearheaded by, none other than, a NERD! His name is Anthony and he is determined and motivated to give ‘nerds’ a good name! And, I thought these Tshirts were a fun gift for any graduate – girl or guy.

Link: ImAnerdClothing

Gift Baskets – On The Corner

 I stole one of these gift ‘basket’ ideas from my Mom. She is a teacher and would always put together a ‘school supply’ storage box for her graduating students. It was always filled FULL with all kinds of school supply ‘randomness’ that you may not think you need…until…you need it!

But, I’m a big fan of gift baskets in general! Who doesn’t love a gift with lots of little gifts inside. And, you can customize them by a theme and/or favorite college, as I did with these. The OSU gift basket was catered more towards a girl with OSU sunglasses, earrings, notepad, watch and more. While, the OU gift basket was catered more towards the guy as I used a microwave popcorn tub for the basket and filled it with OU plastic cups, playing cards, and coasters. Customize it to fit graduate receiving the gift basket!

School Supply Storage Box: Target

OU and OSU Gift Baskets: On The Corner

School Bags - On The Corner

 (My apologies – no idea why this picture turned out cloudy!)

What new graduate doesn’t need a new school bag? LOTS of books! Heavy books…all around campus! Enough said! Customize it to the school of their choice.

Link: On The Corner

‘Roommate Refreshers’ – On The Corner

 And, last but not least, ‘roommate refreshers’. I couldn’t resist these as your ‘graduate gag gift’. Let’s have some fun with the reality that they will have to share their dorm with a roommate. And, a dorm room doesn’t always smell ‘fresh’…if you know what I mean. So, why not give them poo-pourri or trap-a-crap bathroom air freshener. I had to show these on the segment – they just cracked me up! And, for a more ‘serious’, ‘less humorous’ approach to refreshing a room, why not use the candle warmer lamp. It’s perfect for avoiding the ‘open flame’ restrictions.

Link: On The Corner

Congratulations to ALL the new graduates! The best is yet to come…..


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