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And, The Winner Is…

The Oscars of 2012
Another stellar year filled with celebrities, awards, and….FASHION!
I have to say, I really feel like everyone stepped up their game this year when it comes to their Oscar wardrobe. So many likes, even loves, vs. dislikes. 
Now, I’m giving you my ‘best dressed’ based on what I saw this evening. And, I have to admit, trying to watch the Red Carpet with a 7yo boy in my ear every 2 seconds, a dog who wants to jump around and sit on your lap the very moment you get a chance to sit down, and a husband who just does NOT understand the importance of it all made it a bit challenging to see everything.
BUT, after watching, fast forwarding, rewinding, and perusing a few of my fashion favorite websites I’ve come up with a few favorites that I wanted to share with you.
My Oscar Favorites are: 

Sirens are going off in Hollywood!

Angelina Jolie brings the heat in this gown and her fire engine red lips. She is truly ‘Hollywood’s Hottie” for the evening. 



Details and Design = Stunning!


Louise Roe is a perfect example of what I was referring to in a previous blog regarding texture. That a gown doesn’t have to be head-to-toe sequins to be noticed. The design and architecture of this gown is show stopping! Truly, a stunner in my book.

Very OSCAResque – LOVE IT!


Stunning Silhouette

 Octavia Spencer nailed it when it comes to silhouette for this evening. I love how the beadwork draws your attention to the center of the gown and creates a more defined waistline with a subtle elegance. 

A Touch of Gilded Gold

 Sandra Bullock! First, I LOVE her. And, I love this gown on her. The fabric and drape of the top and and u-shape open back is gorgeous. Love the classic, elegance of the two-tone, black and white, with just a touch of gilded gold to remind you that you are at the Oscars! 


Honestly, there were a ton of gowns that impressed me this year. I could have gone a million different directions to why I liked this gown and that gown, but, these are the gowns that ‘WOWED’ me this year. And, at the Oscars, you need to be ‘WOWED’!

Do you agree with me? Disagree? Who were your top picks for the night? 


photo sources: Getty, FabSugar, Yahoo

Texture has my Attention…

 Texture has caught my eye…and I don’t know why! (Yes, I am a poet) 


Texture has always intrigued me – because it can make such a statement in a subtle way. 



People are typically attracted to pattern, sparkle, and shine. For example, last night I was out with a few girlfriends and the waitresses were all wearing different tees with all sorts of ‘bling’ on them. I couldn’t help but look at them…they caught my eye! With the lights reflecting off the ‘bling’, you were even blinded to a certain degree.



But with texture I feel like it’s a mixed bag of tricks. It catches your eye because of the detail and design Texture also provides an effortless elegance to the garment too. 



Two cautions with texture are:


  • Make sure it fits your body type and silhouette. It can create ‘heaviness’ depending on the fabric, etc. 
  • Don’t over accessorize texture – let it speak for itself.


All clothing and accessories are from POSH Style, a great store in Tulsa.
5952 S. Lewis
Tulsa, OK
Come check it out!








Michael Jackson Mania
heidi-michaeljacksonWhat I Wear – Michael Jackson Immortal Tour – 2012

The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour (Cirque du Soleil) came through Tulsa this past weekend and I wasn’t going to miss it!

It was a great show. If you have the opportunity to go, you should. We were unable to take pictures/video during the show so you will have to go and see for yourself. But, if you love Michael Jackson, you will enjoy it!

I was a little surprised by some of the song choices – thought it would be more of his greatest hits. Still, it was very enjoyable.

I was in love with Michael Jackson when ‘Beat It’ came out and LOVED his red leather jacket! Now, how many years later, as a grown 30-something adult, this is the closest item I had in my closet to honor him.

Now, if I could have just found one sparkly glove laying around….


Red Faux Leather Jacket – Esley – POSH

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans – Always Skinny – Gap

Tall Black Boots – DSW (I know, I know – still wearing the tall boots with skinny jeans..I like it)

Black Tank Top – Express

Jewelry – Bella Dames mixed with some Stella and Dot



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