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Corporate, Casual or Craft Dad? Father’s Day Gift Ideas – GDGC Products

Corporate Dad

Saks Fifth Avenue

Does Dad spend quite a bit of time at the office? Is he a ‘Corporate Dad’? Help him look his best with fun dress shirts, neckwear, and funky socks! The latest craze in menswear – mixing and matching of patterns. ‘Liven up’ the basic blue or white button down shirt with a fun plaid. And, take it one step further by complimenting it with a patterned tie. 

And, who says, ‘corporate wear’ is boring when you add a twist with the fun and funky dress sock! 

Link: Saks Fifth Avenue (Tulsa)

Donna's Fashions

If there are Dad’s out there like my hubby, I would consider them a “Casual Dad’. There is not much need for suits and ties in their wardrobe. This Father’s Day Gift idea is recommended, directly, from my hubby – he LOVES Tommy Bahama Tshirts. And, I emphasize the word ‘LOVE’! I think he has every Tommy Bahama Tshirt in his closet! I recommend them, because they wash up so well and who doesn’t love their playful summer designs that ‘play on’ familiar words and phrases. 

Donna's Fashions

Tommy Bahama also provides some fabulous polo shirts for men in a rainbow of colors, as well as lightweight shorts to keep your Dad looking good in the summer heat. 

Link: Donna’s Fashions (Tulsa) 

Homemade gifts by 7YO

And what Dad doesn’t love homemade crafts from their kids? The ‘Craft Dad’, of course?  Homemade crafts from the kids are always a fun, easy, and heartfelt way to ‘share the love’ with Dad. They take a little bit of time, but, are packed full of love from the kids. 

*”Dad, you may be a little nuts, but, so sweet too!” – Jar filled with peanut M&M’s. 

*”Dad, you are T-rrific!” – Jar filled with golf tees.

*”My Pop Rocks!” – Popcorn tub filled with various items with the word “pop” in it – pop rocks, tootsie pops, popcorn, etc. 

*Dad’s Car Wash Kit – Have kids decorate a pail and fill with car wash supplies.

Link: Homemade ideas from Pinterest

Happy Father’s Day to all! 

This Father’s Day – Let Saks Do The Shopping!

Corporate Dad

Saks Fifth Avenue

Attention – Tulsa Shoppers! 

Saks Fifth Avenue Tulsa is hosting a charitable Father’s Day event on Thursday, June 14 – Saturday, June 16, 2012, to support The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Annual Appeal to Fund Prostate Cancer Research. Who doesn’t love shopping for a cause? You get your shopping down and your are helping others at the same time. Saks Fifth Avenue will donate a part of the sales to fund prostate cancer research. 

To kickoff the shopping event, they are hosting a special “Girl’s Night Out” on Thursday, June 14, from 4-7 pm. They will be featuring a variety of neckwear and pocket squares to ‘liven up’ the ‘basic suit’ for men, as well as introduce the new trend of mixing and matching pattern within the world of dress shirts and neckwear. And, who doesn’t love the thought of shopping with a little food, door prizes, complimentary gift wrapping, and a DJ? 

For more information – contact Amanda Viles, Marketing Director: 918-774-0200 ext. 203.

Saks Fifth Avenue Tulsa 

Come join the fun and let Saks Fifth Avenue do the Father’s Day shopping for YOU! 

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