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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – GDGC TV Segment

If you missed my TV segment this morning…here it is! 

Fun ideas for all of the important women in your life…. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Product Listing – GDGC TV Segment

Here are a few fabulous gift ideas that I showcased on Great Day Green Country today for Mother’s Day.

Have you bought your Mother’s Day gift…yet? 


Gypsy Rose Boutique


LOVE whimsy tees. Has to be one of my favorite things to throw on with a pair of jeans for running around with my stepson. 

The ‘bling’ phone covers were found at Gypsy Rose too. 

Link: Gypsy Rose Boutique



Ribbons on Peoria

I’m a sucker for picture frames and sayings…so, I can’t get enough of these from Ribbons. ‘One Big Happy Family’ reminds me of the love we have as a blended family..and ‘You are the Icing on my Cupcake’ PERFECT coming from ‘my boys’ that LOVE cake and cupcakes. (Seriously, my hubby LOVES cake!) 

The mom agendas ROCK! There is a section for mom’s schedule and a separate area to keep track of the kid’s schedule. I’m in! More to come in a variety of colors and styles, in store, in July, as the agendas start in August. 

Link: Ribbons on Peoria



The Vintage Pearl


One of my all time favorite places to go for personalized jewelry, The Vintage Pearl. 

The simplicity of it combined with the personalization is a perfect gift for every Mom. 

The cut-off date for custom personalization to be ready BEFORE Mother’s Day has passed. However, there are a TON of ready-made initials, charms, and necklaces all waiting to be made into your own unique gift. 

Truly a personal gift from the heart. 

Link: The Vintage Pearl



Pinot's Palette


Ok…I’m so excited for this Mother’s Day gift. It is new to Tulsa and I think it’s a perfect ‘time with your girlfriends’ gift. What Mother wouldn’t love that, right? 

Pinot’s Palette is a combination of art class and hanging out with girlfriends having a cocktail with the DJ playing in the background. 

It’s a fun, upbeat environment to try something new and create a piece of art for your home. A Mom could use it as a “girlfriend getaway” or date night with Dad. Either way, it’s a win! 

The Mother’s Day class ON Mother’s Day is sold out. But, there are still a few spaces left for “Moms and Mimosas” THIS Saturday from 2-4 pm. Why not celebrate Mother’s Day early? 

Cannot WAIT to give this a try – and I will MOST DEFINITELY blog about it to let you know how I channeled my inner artist. 

Link: Pinot’s Palette – Cherry Street



Silver Leaf Tulsa


Two words: Personal Assistant. What Mom wouldn’t love an extra pair of hands to make phone calls, get the dry cleaning, pay bills, run the dog to the vet, and get the birthday present for the classmate’s birthday party? 

Me! Me! Me!

Again, another gift of ‘time’ for Mom. A gift doesn’t always have to be a tangible item. It can be a service too. Give Mom the gift of a having a “little extra time on her hands”.

Link: Silver Leaf Tulsa


This is just a small taste of all the wonderful things I found while shopping for this segment. But, remember, no matter how big or small the gift is…or how much money you did or didn’t spend…spending time together and saying, “I love you, Mom” is the best gift of all. 



Priceless Gifts!

Nothing means more to me than gifts from the heart! They are the best gifts that money can buy! It’s the type of gift that may cost $5 or $500 or, maybe, no cost at all. It’s the heartfelt sentiment that makes them priceless!
I am reminded of this as we just celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, as well as my birthday a month ago. The gifts you see in the pics were given to me by my absolutely adorable stepson, Nicholas! (You only see a side view of him, but, I KNOW, you will agree with me when I say…ADORABLE!)
The cherry coin purse was my Mother’s Day gift and my blue dress, with blue bracelet, and know necklace were for my birthday. The cherry coin purse is, obviously, something I probably wouldn’t have purchased for myself…but, the fact that it came from Nicholas, that he picked it out all by himself, and was so proud to give it to me, that now, I can’t wait to use it! It will be THE perfect coin purse for me to use…for just $4.99! But, priceless, when every time I see it, as I dig through my purse, I will be reminded of who gave it to me and when.
The blue dress, blue bracelet and knot necklace were my birthday presents. He was so excited to go to the store with Dad and pick something out all by himself. And, he did! He picked the blue dress, because blue is his favorite color, the bracelet, because it’s blue, and the knot necklace, because it reminded him of a snake. Did I mention that he LOVES being outside with bugs and animals? He is ALL boy! Again, all 3 items, I think was a total of $30-$40. But, priceless, when it comes to who gave it to me and when.
Nicholas was so excited about his purchases that he was telling everyone that came over about what he bought me, wanted me to show it to them, try it on, etc. He was so cute! THAT, again, makes all of these gifts PRICELESS! It puts a smile on my face whenever I look at these items! I’m reminded of his smiling face, gleaming with pride when he gave each of these gifts to me. Nothing could make me happier than gifts from the heart! Gifts that I will cherish ALWAYS!
He is waiting patiently for the weather to warm up, so I can wear my blue dress and blue bracelet. He asks me on a regular basis if I’m going to wear the blue dress…so, let’s hope the warm weather is here to stay…soon!
My hubby thinks I’m rubbing off on him and that I’ve taken Nicholas with me on too many shopping trips. He was amazed at how Nicholas would pick things out and say that he liked that, didn’t like that, liked this dress, didn’t like that dress, etc., etc. – and the thought he would put into the items that he picked! I’m thinking he’s a natural at shopping….that’s a GREAT trait…my hubby…he isn’t so sure!
But, my hubby and I are in agreement when it comes to gifts from the heart! It doesn’t matter what the actual item is…it’s the meaning behind it that makes it worth so much more…it’s priceless!
What “priceless” gifts did you receive this Mother’s Day?
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