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Weekly Style Secret: Be Cute For YOU!

Okay, I haven’t been very good with my “weekly style secret”…but, as I was working on my computer this afternoon, I had Oprah playing in the background. Rita Wilson was on doing makeovers with various women from across the country. There were a few lines that struck true with me, as well as some that were very humorous.

The one that probably hit home the most for me, today, was:

“You should be cute for YOU!”


This can’t be more true! Women, especially, are always dressing for other women and not for themselves. Let’s be honest, do you pick your outfit out for an event or for the day because YOU like the outfit and feel good in it? OR do you pick the outfit out, because of someone you may run into at the event? Or, better yet, do you NOT care what you put on, because you don’t think anyone will see you?

That is where this line is the most important…whether you work in an office, whether you work at home, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, DRESS FOR YOURSELF! You should be cute for you! Don’t let outside influences sway you one way or the other…be true to yourself!

So, I’m passing this style secret on to you today! Don’t get caught up in “showing off” or what other people may think…or wanting to “show off” to others. Don’t get caught up in all of that! Be true to yourself and be cute for you! Wear what you want to wear and don’t let outside influences dictate what you wear.


Weekly Style Secret: SMILE

I was able to watch some of the Miss America pageant over the weekend. Personally, I LOVE watching pageants for the clothes, especially the evening wear segment.

I was watching Miss Hawaii dance during the talent portion and it mentioned that her favorite accessory is a SMILE. My first reaction was – WHAT?! What a cheesey and “typical” pageant answer.

But, then, I got to thinking. A smile IS an important accessory. Her answer is SO TRUE! If you don’t have a smile on your face, you don’t have anything. A smile is the best accessory that you can have to finish an outfit.

There are days where you will forget your earrings, the necklace you were planning to wear, or even your belt….but, you will never walk out the door without a smile, if you choose to use it!

SMILE! It’s the best accessory anyone can have…..

Weekly Style Secret: December 21, 2009

It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! Are you done shopping yet? I’m NOT. I’m about to hit the streets of Tulsa RIGHT NOW to finish up!

Just a couple things to remember as you head into “crunch” time for the holidays and gift shopping:

1. There is still time to shop online. But, you better do it today! So, you have time for the gifts to arrive, as well as making sure they still have the product(s) you are looking for to purchase. That way, if they don’t, you still have a few days to come up with plan B.

2. BE PATIENT! I did a little shopping yesterday and forgot how HECTIC it can be right before the holidays. I must have stood in a checkout line at Kohls for 30 minutes! I was close to bailing and not buying the stuff I had in my hands, because I didn’t have the patience anymore to stand there. But, then, I remembered the time of year and that no matter where I go, it is going to be like this, so BE PATIENT!!

3. Don’t just buy something to buy something. My dad is a believer of that, because at least then, you have a package to open. But, I dont’ want to deal with the hassle of taking it back, etc. So, try to take a breath from feeling “hurried” and figure out what that person would really like to have -or worst case, give them a gift card to their favorite place, so they can pick it out themselves.

4. Scan your Sunday paper circulars, online sites, and additional mailers. Retailers are ALWAYS offering last minute deals, so make sure you are GETTING the best deal in town!

5. Remember the reason for the season! Step back and remember WHY we celebrate this holiday and that should help you slow down a bit. We get a little “crazy” during this time with the baking, the shopping, the gift wrapping, etc. – and we have a tendency to overlook the REAL reason we celebrate this holiday!

Last, but, not least – ENJOY! The holidays only come once a year – don’t let them pass you by in a crazed and delirious blur!! (I should really take my own advice!)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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