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Tshirts: Mommy Staple…and Daddy Too

Not too long ago, I posted a topic about tshirts being a Mommy staple, because it’s a quick and easy way to dress up a basic outfit. We all know the generic combination of a tshirt and jeans, as well as a tshirt and shorts. It works, it’s safe, and, typically, it’s BORING! But, we all do it, Mommy’s and Daddy’s!
By adding a fun patterned tshirt to a pair of jeans or shorts, you give that outfit the “pop” that it is needing to stand out amongst the crowd.
We all do it! Like I said, men and women, are guilty of throwing on the “generic combination” of a tshirt with jeans or tshirt with shorts. My husband and I are definitely at fault for this, especially in the summer time. I, originally, posted the topic focused on the “mommy’s” of the world, but soon realized that men do the same thing, so why not let “daddy’s” know that they can jazz up their “generic combination” too.
I found these tshirts while I was perusing the Sunday Ads. (LOVE looking at the Sunday Ads). They are on sale this week at Target for $8.00!! Yes, that’s what I said, $8.00! They are available for men and for women! The first grouping above is for men and the second group is available for women.
I just had to share the information! Because, I believe that the tshirt/jean/shorts combo is never going to go away, so why not give it some “life” with a patterned/graphic tshirt, as well as these particular tshirts are such a great price, I didn’t want anyone to miss out!
Don’t delay….go buy a new patterned/graphic tshirt today!

Weekly Style Secret: August 26th, 2009

This is a HUGE style secret that I, believe it or not, stole from my husband. When I met him, he had a regular “stash” of this wonderful product at his house, and to this day, we STILL have a regular “stash” of this product at our house. It is Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser and it is AWESOME! My husband refers to it as “wife in a bottle”. Now, I know you could take that TOTALLY the wrong way, but I think it’s rather funny and find myself asking where the “wife in the bottle is” quite frequently! I’m okay with it, because I HATE to iron! I don’t iron my own clothes, so I’m certainly NOT going to iron his! HA!
This is a fantastic product for people that hate to iron. WE, my husband and I, swear by it. You spray it on, pat/rub down the clothes to “smooth” out the wrinkles, give the item a minute or two to dry and you are on your way. Now, my husband will be the first to tell you that for the aboslute best results there is a “science” to the spraying, rubbing, patting, and drying of the garment. But, I have yet to figure out what he does and my quick spray, pat, shake and go works just fine!! So, either way, you will love this product!!
Try it out! Like I said, it’s great for people that hate to iron, and it comes in travel sizes too, so you can take it with you! (We all know what our clothes look like after they’ve been stuffed in a suitcase.)
Say good-bye to wrinkles….and, maybe, the iron too!

Weekly Style Secrets

I want to introduce my “Weekly Style Secrets” that you will find throughout my blog. My goal is to give you weekly tips (or at least ONCE a week) on fashion, shopping, trends, personal image, or whatever I feel is a good tip at the moment! Hopefully, they will be helpful to you or at least “food for thought”!

Remember, my goal is to provide WEEKLY style secrets! If you miss a week or two (and, hopefully, I WON’T miss a week or two), you will be able to pull up past “secrets” by going to my “Style Secrets” tab and click on “Weekly Style Secrets”. You will be able to catch up on all the latest and greatest tips at one time!

My goal is to keep you: “Staying Stylish…one STEP at a time!”

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