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Yummy…..Love Mint!

You hear the word ‘mint’ – you may think of a flavor, freshening your breath, or a piece of gum. But, the ‘Mint’ I’M talking about is an adorable new boutique that opened in Jenks, OK. Yes, in Jenks, OK – the antique capitol. There amidst treasures of the past sits a hip, urban, and trendy boutique. 

Mint Boutique Business Card

Mint Boutique

Two sisters have started this business. They were driving down main street, Jenks, over the Christmas holiday, saw the space, and thought, “why not?” And, so it began, with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – they opened their first store, with hopes of already opening more in the future. 

Full of Color

The boutique is following, in line, with this season’s trend – COLOR! Lots of options to put together the perfect summer wardrobe. It is definitely an edgier, trendy vibe that targets a younger customer and/or the very hip fashionista. But, with that, comes a very reasonable price tag, which is favored, when trying to stay with the latest and greatest trend of the moment. 

Studded Cuffs


It’s an adorable store that will soon be on your ‘must stop’ shop list. New merchandise arrives weekly and they follow the ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ motto, as there are no reorders on existing merchandise. 

A perfect opportunity to check out Mint Boutique will be during the Jenks Freedom Fest on July 4th. Mint will be having their own party amidst the other festivities with yummy treats, special sales, and a drawing for a gift card too. 

Go check it out…this boutique is sure to unleash a flavor for fashion…..

Link: Mint Boutique 

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