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Texture has my Attention…

 Texture has caught my eye…and I don’t know why! (Yes, I am a poet) 


Texture has always intrigued me – because it can make such a statement in a subtle way. 



People are typically attracted to pattern, sparkle, and shine. For example, last night I was out with a few girlfriends and the waitresses were all wearing different tees with all sorts of ‘bling’ on them. I couldn’t help but look at them…they caught my eye! With the lights reflecting off the ‘bling’, you were even blinded to a certain degree.



But with texture I feel like it’s a mixed bag of tricks. It catches your eye because of the detail and design Texture also provides an effortless elegance to the garment too. 



Two cautions with texture are:


  • Make sure it fits your body type and silhouette. It can create ‘heaviness’ depending on the fabric, etc. 
  • Don’t over accessorize texture – let it speak for itself.


All clothing and accessories are from POSH Style, a great store in Tulsa.
5952 S. Lewis
Tulsa, OK
Come check it out!







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