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A New Easter Dress

Retro Inspired Strapless Floral: $49.99
Blue Sheath Dress: $168.00
Purple Sheath Dress: $198.00
A childhood memory that I absolutely LOVE were the days of shopping for a new Christmas dress and a new Easter dress. Twice a year, I, specifically, remember getting in the car and heading to the mall with my Mom to locate THE dress for each holiday.
I was like a kid in a candy store running through the aisles of dresses that looked like a huge Easter basket of pinks, blues, and yellows. The ruffles, dotted swiss, crinolines…oh, there were so many choices.
And, it wasn’t just the dress. Oh no, we weren’t done yet. We still had to pick out the tights, shoes, little white gloves and don’t forget the bonnet!
Oh, how fun that was…..
Then, the day! Easter! I couldn’t wait to get all dressed up that morning and head to church to see everyone in their new Easter clothes. The church would be filled with a pastel rainbow of color. Little boys in their vests and bowties, girls in their bonnets and dresses, dads in their spring ties, and moms in their suits, spectator heels, and hats to match (their grown-up version of bonnets). Oh, what fun! What fun!
It was a candy filled day in so many ways! Everyone in their Easter candy colors while they inhale their jelly beans! How could you NOT love that!
Gone are the days where everyone follows the Easter dress “ritual”, but, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to let this childhood memory go, have fun with all the Easter worth dresses that are available now!
Don’t delay…go get your Easter dress today!

Go Long…Long….Long….


I LOVE the long necklace trend that has been going on for about a year and still going strong. Cross your fingers that it keeps going….going…and going…..(just like the energizer bunny), because I am LOVING IT!
Here is why I love the long necklace trend. First, ANYONE can wear in accessory. It does not matter what shape or size you are, everyone can wear a necklace! Second, because it is a simple item that can dress up an outfit.
There are so many styles, colors, and lengths that are available right now in long necklaces. Gold, silver, whatever you prefer is out there! Another fave thing of mine with the long necklace trend? LAYERING! I love that you can throw one long necklace on or six of them and it can give you a completely different look. Mix them up too! They don’t have to be all matchy-matchy!
So, if you are looking for a quick fix for a tank top, sweater, tshirt or dress…throw on a long necklace! In fact, throw on two or three necklaces! I guarantee the look will be fun and instantly take your outfit to a new level!
So, don’t delay…get your long necklaces today!

Love is in the Air….

O0oh-la-la….Love is in the air!

Valentine’s day is drawing near and how are you going to say “I Love You” to your special someone?

Check out these fun Valentine gift ideas:

“Stylish” Chocolates: in a denim jean heart or candy heart boxers. $19.00 each.

Lovopoly Game: (with your own customized photos) $19.95 – $79.95.

Conversation Hearts Coffe Mug: $14.95.

Couple’s Table Topics: $24.95.
Don’t delay…Get your Valentine’s gift today!
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