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Going back to the 80′s…

Who didn’t love the 80′s? I LOVED the 80′s! So, when I had a ‘big’ birthday coming up – that’s what I wanted. I wanted to go back in time (no, not ‘Back to the Future’)…and go back to the 80′s! 

We served 80′s food, played 80′s music and dressed 80′s too! 

Some costume ideas for the 80′s: 

-80′s movie characters


-valley girl

-Madonna/Cyndi Lauper

-Hair Band

And, here are a few more tips for you: 

Look for Less…

I have a lot of people ask me how to shop on a budget, how to put things together, etc. So, I thought I would attempt a ‘look for less’ posting for people to gain inspiration from, as well as information on where I found the items to create the look, etc. 

Here is my first “look for less” - 

Look for Less

Black and white is all the rage this season! And, Jessica Alba pulls it off, beautifully, in this graphic checked dress. Yes, I have to admit, at first,  her dress reminded me of the checkered flag at the races. But, found myself wanting to create a similar look for a fundraising event that was coming up! 

I found this dress at Marshalls! LOVE IT! Super comfortable with a slight ombre vibe with the graphic pattern. And, who doesn’t love a great pair of red heels to add some ‘wow’ to a black and white look! 

What do you think? 

Black/White  Anne Klein Print Dress: Marshalls, $39.99

Red Nine West Heels: Marshalls, $39.99

Black Clutch: Macy’s, $26.99

Red Glass Earrings: JCPenney, $10.00

Irish Style and for Spring too!

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