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Football CAN Be Fashionable!

” TOUCHDOWN!” ” Did you see that play?” “What just happened?” “Aw, Ref, that was a bad call?” Are you beginning to hear these words and phrases echoing from the halls of your home? Better yet, are YOU saying these things as you settle in for another football season. If I have learned ONE thing from moving to Oklahoma, it’s that you better LOVE football season. Fortunately, I DO! It is, truly, IN their blood in this state. I mean, REALLY, in their blood! You better know whether you bleed crimson (OU), blue (TU) or orange (OSU). If you’re a “transplant”, like me, it doesn’t matter WHO you cheered for prior to moving to the area. NOW, you better bleed CRIMSON, BLUE or ORANGE! There are NO OTHER CHOICES! College football is HUGE! Forget about the professionals in this state, it’s all about the college ball!

But, here is the deal….why not LOOK GOOD while cheering for your favorite team! The pics above are some fabulous football T’s that are being offered at a local store, here, in Tulsa, called Chrome Clothing Company. You will find them on Cherry Street! These particular T’s will help those that have Crimson (OU) or Orange (OSU) running through your veins.

You can look “sporty” while attending your favorite sporting event…FOOTBALL!

I have noticed that Tshirt companies for sports teams, college and/or professional, are leaning towards the “old school”, vintage look. The type of T’s that look “worn” and could have been passed down from generation to generation. I love the soft, cozy feeling that a vintage T gives when you’re wearing it. It’s similar to your favorite baby blanket or stuffed animal that has been around FOREVER and you are NEVER going to part with it. You find comfort in it!

I, also, like the “retro” vibe that a “vintage” T gives off. You’re trendy AND loyal to your school at the SAME TIME. What more could you ask for? Because around here, people are VERY LOYAL to the team they support. You will find their “alliance” in EVERYTHING….flags, bumper stickers, coolers, shower curtains, and even dishes! So, why not LOOK good while showing YOUR LOYALTY!

STAY STYLISH while cheering on your favorite team!

So, don’t delay…check out your favorite sports team T’s today!

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’….

These boots are made for walkin’…and that’s just what I’ll do…I’ll walk them right out of the store and into my car!

I was “WORKING” at one of the local malls today pulling outfits for an upcoming kid’s fashion show. (details to come!) My dear friend, Sue, came with me as my assistant to “assist” in gathering the outfits for the show. Well, of course, we were window shopping, as we walked from one of the anchor stores down to another anchor store in the mall. While window shopping, we could hear our “names being called” by these boots. I swear…we could hear our names being called and how these boots knew our names, I have no idea. But, we are SO GLAD that they were calling for us.

The store we entered was Charlotte Russe. Now, wait….hear me out, I know you are all thinkin’ that “I’m too old to go into that store”. Well, I think that EVERY TIME I walk BY that store. I feel REALLY OLD when I’m IN the store. But, this store is a great resource for following the trends, wearing the trends, and not having to spend a lot of money on the trends!

We head straight for the shoes and bypass all of the teenagers that are looking at us wondering WHY we are in the store and WHERE are our teenagers that SHOULD be shopping in the store. When we arrive in the shoe section, we realize that all footwear is “Buy One, Get One for $10.00″ Yep, that’s right! It’s like getting a pair for free….practically! We were squealing with excitement, but no one heard us over the blaring rock music that was coming out of the speakers. Yes, I said BLARING! It was really loud and, then, I realized that it was BOTHERING me. It was offical, I’m getting old! I’m now commenting on the music volume in a store. Yikes!

But, back to the boots….they have some GREAT STYLES for VERY REASONABLE prices. Now, as you can tell by the “Buy One, Get One for $10″ offer, they are not top of the line materials and/or the highest quality. But, this is what I LIKE about places like Charlotte Russe. If you are willing to look around and sift through the merchandise a little bit, you can find items that “LOOK” high quality without the “high quality” prices. Then, when you’re done with that particular trend, you can move on to the next without an empty wallet.

In stores, the offer is “Buy One, Get One for $10.00″. Online, the offer is “Buy One, Get One for $15.00″. Not sure what the reasoning is for the different price offers (maybe shipping?), but either way, it’s still a great deal! Trendy boots without the trendy prices!

Let’s just say this…those boots are made for walkin’…and 3 pairs walked out to my car and 5 pairs walked out with my friend! I hope my husband isn’t reading this…..or should I say OUR husbands…

So, don’t delay….check out Charlotte Russe today!

Superman of Style by USA Weekend

SUPERMAN of STYLE! WOW, does that mean I can be Super Girl (of style)? My stepson is REALLY into Superman right now…he would be so proud of me, if I was Super Girl (of Style). Of course, he would expect me to leap from tall buildings, fly through the air, and the best I can do is add a funky necklace to a great maxi dress, fun flip flops and I’m out the door. I’ve “saved the world”! Well, at least MY world, anyway!

I was reading the Sunday paper and Tim Gunn caught my eye on the cover of the USA WEEKEND insert that you find in the paper. Normally, I blow right over it, because I’m busy tracking down “the ads”! BUT, being totally obsessed with the latest and greatest fashion crazes and trends…I know who this guy is and couldn’t wait to read about him! It’s like my husband sitting down and knowing the football player on the front of the sports page. I got nothing when it comes to the sports page! He “got nothing” when he saw how excited I was to read about Tim Gunn.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch his show, “Project Runway”, with Heidi Klum, you need to do watch it! (I’m sure it’s successful too, because the biggest name in the modeling industry is part of the show AND HAPPENS to have the same first name as….ME! Right? Right?)

Here is what I couldn’t wait to share:

Tim Gunn’s Fashion Mantra:

“Sihouette, proportion, and fit. When you have those, you’ll look fabulous, no matter what you’re wearing!” (I added the exclamation point, because I think these words are SO IMPORTANT!)

In one, well, actually, two sentences, he was able to answer any and all questions in the fashion world.

Sihouette – make sure the sihouette fits your body type (remember, I was talking about body types?)
Proportion – make sure the proportions of the garment on your body make sense and create a balance.
Fit – make sure the garment fits in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. If the garment is pulling/tugging in certain areas and it’s causing YOU to pull and tug, then it doesn’t fit properly!

Seriously, if you can remember these three simple rules, you are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION to be a fashionista! The simplest of things like a tshirt, dress, or even a sweatsuit will look like a million bucks, if you follow these rules!

And, when you have some extra time, check out Tim Gunn on Project Runway! He knows what he is talking about and deserves the title: “Superman of Style”.

So, don’t delay…check out Tim Gunn and Project Runway today!

Project Runway
Lifetime Channel
Thursdays 10p.m. ET

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