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Kid Friendly Clothing (Durable) at Budget Friendly Prices!

This is what I learned while drinking coffee, playing superheros with my stepson, and “listening” to Good Morning America on TV this morning. So, I pulled the info. off their site, because I thought it was some GREAT back-to-school information for kid’s clothes.

If you’re like me, you want your child (or children) to look good when you drop them off at school. But, we ALL know that they don’t always look as “good” when you pick them up from school. It seems they have managed to spill half their lunch on their shirt, “unmentionables” from the nose on the sleeve, and grass stains on their pants from recess. WHAT do they do?? It cracks me up whenever we pick up my stepson from school, because you can get a recap of his whole day by looking at his clothes! I’m always in search of cute, durable, good quality clothes without the big price tag. Here are some budget friendly clothing lines that Good Housekeeping Magazine rated as “the best” for durability and comfort:

Their picks for the best clothing for the price:

Polo shirts at JC Penney for $7
Boys Cherokee Jeans at Target for $13
Girls Basics Edition flare jeans at Kmart for $13
T-shirts at Wal-Mart (Faded Glory brand) for $3.50

Looks like I will be shoppng these stores VERY SOON!!

Tshirts: Mommy Staple

Everybody loves the casual chic that can come from throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. We, Moms, especially know how important that looks is, because it’s easy, fast, and comfortable when you are running WITH the kids or FOR the kids all day. As a Mom, you are constantly on the move, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on being stylish. There are so many great t-shirts out right now that can give your basics a little life! You can look cool and be comfortable at the same time, if you remember a few simple things:
Age Appropriate – there are a lot of “fun” t-shirts out there these days, but make sure it is an age appropriate picture, phrase, or design. You never want to look like you are trying to step back in time and be a teenager again. We’ve all been there, done that, do we really want to go back?
Fit – make sure it fits in all the right places. A lot of t-shirts these days are being made to snuggly fit the body and targeted towards the high school/college generation. Pay attention to the length, neckline, and sleeves. Know your body shape and make sure it fits YOU!
Accessorize – wearing a t-shirt, especially a solid color t-shirt, is like a blank canvas. Give it your own unique twist with some fun accessories like jewelry, hair accessories, an embellished belt, and/or some funky shoes. It’s easy to dress this look up or down depending on what you put with it. Make it your own!

Packing/Unpacking from vacation…NOT Very "Stylish"!

I was able to enjoy 6 WONDERFUL days in the land of 10,000 lakes with “my boys” last week! Did I mention that it was WONDERFUL? The weather was BEAUTIFUL! The best week that Minnesota has seen all summer! (Sorry, Michelle, Clear the Clutter, you missed it by a few weeks. Although, we did heed your advice about the sweatshirts/jeans, we never even touched them!) It was perfect! However, getting ready for the trip and getting ‘back into the swing of things’ after the trip…NOT so perfect!
My husband will tell you that whenever I pack to go somewhere, I pack like I am NEVER COMING BACK! I have so many clothes (or “choices” is what I like to call them) jammed into my suitcase that he wonders if I have a plan that he doesn’t know about…YET?!? I will “preach” to all of you about the joys of being able to mix-and-match to expand your wardrobe options and how it is a great resource ESPECIALLY when traveling. BUT, do I follow my advice?? NOPE! I’m shoving every possible clothing “choice” that I can get my hands on to fit into my suitcase. Tshirts, nice shorts, casual shorts, dressy tops, jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops (MANY flip flops), tennis shoes, dresses, swim suits, cover ups, and the list goes on and on and on. Did I mention we were in “lake country”? Yeah, I tell my husband to pack swimsuits, tshirts, cargo shorts, a sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans..DONE! That’s all you need when you are at the lake…but, again, I say…do I listen to my own advice?? NOPE!! So, when we get there, I’m dragging my suitcase across the lawn and my Mom just shakes her head as she knows that I LOVE to have my “choices” no matter where I am!!
Now, Day 1, I’m in “lake country”, enjoying every minute of it and what am I wearing…a swimsuit! Now, it’s evening, Day 1, in “lake country” and what am I wearing…sweat shorts and a tank top! Day 3, I’m in “lake country, again, enjoying every minute of it and what am I wearing…a swimsuit! Day 3, in the evening, in “lake country” and what am I wearing…sweat shorts and a tank top! Do you see where I’m going with this? I used a quarter of the wardrobe that was jammed into my suitcase all week. A quarter of it. That’s it! I wanted to wear the same, I washed clothes while I was there. Yeah, what a concept, bring a few items instead of a million and just wash clothes while you are there. Mom tells me that every year and I NEVER listen to her! Well, I did listen to her and did wash clothes, I just ignored the “bring a few items” part. (But, really, what is a “few”?)
Now, we are back from our trip. We have been home for 3 days and I’m still trying to unpack. Did I mention that I packed for my stepson? He had an abundant amount of “choices” while he was there too! The only thing that worked in his favor was that he liked to be in the water and then be out of the water throughout the day. When he was out of the water, he wanted to be in dry clothes. So, after changing him in and out of his swimsuit ten different times during the first day, I just said “forget it” and let him swim around and play in the water with whatever dry clothes he had on at the moment. That used up quite a few of the “choices” that he had with him!
So, here I am, Day 3, from RETURNING from our trip, and I’m STILL trying to unbury myself from all the clean clothes that I’m unloading from my suitcase. My husband was done unpacking in about 2 minutes, because most of his clothes ended up in the garbage bag full of dirty clothes (laundry will be going on for weeks to play catch up! Who am I kidding! I’m never caught up with the laundry!). I think he only had 3 items to unpack out of his suitcase. Me, I keep hoping this magical fairy is going to show up, so that I don’t have to unpack it all myself and put it back in my closet!
Packing and unpacking is what I hate the most when it comes to travel! I hate to pack, because I’m not in the mood to TRY and decide what I’m going to wear while I’m away, because how could you POSSIBLY know what you want to wear until you are there (See, where I need my “choices”?), and I just want to get to where I’m going. I hate to unpack, because, it never fails that I have OVER PACKED and now I have to put away everything that I have so neatly rolled (roll, never fold…means less wrinkles) in my suitcase and put it back in my closet!
Here’s the other thing that aggravates me when traveling, packing, etc. It NEVER FAILS, I will over pack myself to the nth degree, but, I will get where I’m going and I will think of that ONE item that I didn’t pack, wished I had, and that becomes the ONLY thing that I want to wear as I stare at a suitcase FULL of “choices”. How does that happen? I will never understand!! But, it’s who I am! FORTUNATELY, my husband (and my family) understands my LOVE of clothes, jewelry, and shoes…and no matter HOW HEAVY my suitcase gets, he never says a word. (Although, if you lisen VERY CAREFULLY, I think you can hear a few words being muttered under his breath.)
I could give you all of these tips on how to pack with minimal pieces and create various wardrobe options. I KNOW WHAT TO DO…I just don’t listen to myself! I think I’ve just opened the door for a blog topic on packing with minimal pieces for another time…who knows, maybe, I’ll actually READ what I write…or should I say…type!
No matter how much we had to pack and unpack it was worth it! “My boys” and I had a BLAST and couldn’t believe how fast the time went. We enjoyed family, friends, and make some great memories!
So, don’t delay…learn from my perils of packing and do it the right way today!
Hope everyone was able to enjoy some family time this summer!
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