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Know the signs…

There has a been a flurry of ‘media buzz’ on the topic of ‘women and heart disease’ when it was announced that Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack. Thank goodness, she survived. She is a survivor. 

But, I ask, the same question: When will society shift their thinking from reactive to proactive? Why do we, so often, wait until tragedy happens to wake up and make a change? 

We have one heart – one chance. 

Do you know that 1 in 3 women will die of heart disease? 1 in 3! I bet you can, easily, think of 3 important women in your life. Now, think about one of them dying of a heart attack. Not cool..but, a real fact. 


My aunt, Sue, and I on my wedding day – 1 year after her heart attack.

Five years ago, I witnessed my aunt having a heart attack. I did NOT know the signs/symptoms of women and heart disease. They are very different from what men can experience when having a heart attack. Fortunately, she is still with us today – and as I watched the process of it all – I vowed to do what I could to create awareness and spread the word. 

I had the opportunity of sharing some of my/our story with a writer, Jason Ashley Wright, from the Tulsa World. Take the time to read it – it will do your heart good! 

Tulsa World Story: Know All The Warning Signs

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