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Oklahoma Football Fashions Are Here!

LivvyLu - Posh

Football season is here! Cooler temps (we hope), tailgating, and….college football! I’ve learned, very quickly, in my few years in the grand state of Oklahoma…that football is VERY IMPORTANT! 

Do you bleed blue, red (crimson), or orange? 

I choose to be “Switzerland” when it comes to picking my favorite Oklahoma team. But, I will tell you this – when it comes to football fashions? I will cheer for all three! 


LOVING the collegiate wear from LivyLu! LOVE IT! You can find LivyLu designs at Posh and Must Stash. Fun and feminine designs to get ready for some football! Cross bracelets are very popular and come in orange, red, and blue. As well as, the adorable bottle cap bracelets are perfect for the smaller football fans – made by a local 8 year old! 

Must Stash

If you want endless collegiate fashion choices, head straight to Must Stash, and do not pass go! Their store is FILLED with so many fun designs that work, perfectly, for men and women! They even have kid’s collegiate wear on it’s way! And, who doesn’t need a gorgeous handbag to complete their collegiate look? 

3D Ranch - The Market

And, for you, die hard, OSU fans…head to 3D Ranch at The Market (Harvard/81st). You will figure out, quickly, that their is OSU blood in the owner’s veins. Fun, quirky, and out of the ordinary Tshirts and trinkets are awaiting you in this booth. AND, cowboy boots! Beautiful Lane and Old Gringo Cowboy boots. Yes, she does have ONE pair of red…gorgeous, red boots, that I think would work for those OU fans, but, SHE wouldn’t admit to that! :)  

Other fun collegiate wear favorites: 

LivyLu - Must Stash


I want to be an OSU fan for this outfit! - Must Stash


For The Guys! - Must Stash

So, whatever color you bleed, you will be dressed in style for those Fall football games! 



Must Stash 

3D Ranch – The Market


Know the signs…

There has a been a flurry of ‘media buzz’ on the topic of ‘women and heart disease’ when it was announced that Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack. Thank goodness, she survived. She is a survivor. 

But, I ask, the same question: When will society shift their thinking from reactive to proactive? Why do we, so often, wait until tragedy happens to wake up and make a change? 

We have one heart – one chance. 

Do you know that 1 in 3 women will die of heart disease? 1 in 3! I bet you can, easily, think of 3 important women in your life. Now, think about one of them dying of a heart attack. Not cool..but, a real fact. 


My aunt, Sue, and I on my wedding day – 1 year after her heart attack.

Five years ago, I witnessed my aunt having a heart attack. I did NOT know the signs/symptoms of women and heart disease. They are very different from what men can experience when having a heart attack. Fortunately, she is still with us today – and as I watched the process of it all – I vowed to do what I could to create awareness and spread the word. 

I had the opportunity of sharing some of my/our story with a writer, Jason Ashley Wright, from the Tulsa World. Take the time to read it – it will do your heart good! 

Tulsa World Story: Know All The Warning Signs

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