‘Transitional Treats’ for your Feet!

It’s that time of year! They call it…transitional. The time when everything you want to wear is on sale and things you want to buy are too warm to wear right now. It’s no longer summer, but, it’s not quite fall? So, what’s the ‘safest things’ to buy during this ‘transitional time’? Jewelry…and SHOES! 

So, I headed down the road to JCole Shoes…

Sperry TopSider - JCole

The good ol’ Sperry Topsider is still coming in strong with a ton of colors, patterns, and materials. College bound students are filling their backpacks full of this style shoe. Classic comfort with an edge! I know, I live in Oklahoma – but, for you, Alabama fans (I know this, because my sis-in-law is one), you are going to want to get your hands on this black patent, houndstooth version. 

Colorful Wedge Heels - JCole

LOVING the patterned wedge. Perfect for now and for Fall. The silhouette works in your favor for now and the colors lean towards Fall. A good transitional shoe, for example with the wedge, has more ‘foot coverage’ than your average strappy sandal. It allows you to still show off your pedicures as the temperatures begin to drop. 

Open Toe/Peep Toe Shoes - JCole

 The ‘peep-toe’ silhouette is a great transitional option too. It allows you, as I said earlier, to show your toes, but, still have the coverage with the overall shoe. If you are like me, I avoid pulling out the closed toe shoes until I absolutely have to! These beautiful varieties would compliment your night on the town and/or a special event. 

Boots/Booties - JCole

Believe it or not, boots/booties have become a hot trend for the transitional period. Pair them now with a fun, flirty skirt or a pair of denim cut-offs and wear later with jean/leggings when the weather turns cold. As a matter of fact, when I picked up these shoes for the segment, one of the owners of JCole was rocking the bootie with a pair of denim cut-offs and a flirty, sleeveless top. Super cute! And, the clog is always a staple that has stood the test of time. Perfect for the closed-toe ‘look’ without covering your whole foot when pairing with your favorite blue jeans. 

This is just a sampling of what is out there to keep your feet looking good as the weather begins to cool off. Just remember a few things: 

-Pay attention to the materials of the shoe – leathers, suedes, and animal prints pave the way into Fall

-More ‘foot coverage’ allows you to wear a sandal/wedge into cooler temperatures

-Peep toes are a great alternative to a strappy stiletto

-Think ‘out of the box’ when it comes to your whole ‘look’ – boots/booties are hotter than ever to pair with denim cut-offs and/or a flirty skirt for now and jeans for later.

Happy Shopping! 


JCole Shoes

9930 Riverside Parkway 

Tulsa, OK


Cool Back-to-School! GDGC Video

Here is the video to go along with the product list in the previous blog. Fun and funky school supplies to make it ‘cool’ to go back-to-school! 

Cool Back-to-School – GDGC Product List

Have your kids started to say, “I’m bored”, “There is nothing to do”…

Well, tell them, it’s time to go back-to-school! 

And, before they do, make sure they are set up and stylish with cool school supplies: 

Vera Bradley

The Perfect Touch - Vera Bradley

 For all of the Vera Bradley followers, three new patterns have been debuted for back-to-school: paisley meets plaid, indigo pop, and va-va-bloom. And, I have to say, THIS trapper keeper is MUCH BETTER than the plastic one I used to carry to school. As well as, who doesn’t need a set of designer markers for their art class? Loving the new prints! May need to head to The Perfect Touch Gift Store and get one for myself…or all three! 

Locker Lookz

The Perfect Touch - Locker Lookz

 Ok, I would totally go back to school just for this trend. I LOVE it! The wall paper, the chandelier, and the shag rug alone turns the locker into a designer showroom. What girl wouldn’t love that? So many color and styles to choose from…this trend is ON FIRE. Locker Lookz emerged with a bang last year, but, this year, store’s are still struggling to keep up with the ‘supply and demand’. So, if you are interested in this line, don’t delay head to The Perfect Touch Gift Store today. 

For the ‘tried and true’ school supplies, I head to Target and Staples. But, you can find a few twists on the basics at those stores too! 

School Supplies - Staples

My favorite finds from Staples were the pencil cases. Who wants a boring pencil box when you get one that looks like the good ol’ converse tennis shoe or a stuffed animal? The little doggie may just have to come home with me too. And, the mechanical pencils, I had to look twice, because they look like the ‘real deal’. Pencil grips are great for the young child starting school as they continue to practice holding the pencil. I’m also loving the USB drives. Ah, hello…or should I say, ‘Hello Kitty’ would be a perfect way for me to go to the computer and get my homework done. And, what boy wouldn’t love the Lamborghini? 

School Supplies - Target

And, I’m not going to lie, I love Target. I spend way too much time and money in Target. But, again, I managed to come up with a few ‘twists’ to the basic school supplies. First, the lunch boxes. The owl and the doggie are more than lunch boxes – they are works of art. Super cute, flexible and fun for the younger child as they head to school. The reusable lunch sacks for sandwiches and snacks are a fun way for the kids and you to ‘go green’. Erasers seem to be a big deal for the younger student. We have a 7YO who is obsessed with erasers, specifically, the newest craze of puzzle erasers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and characters they can take apart and put together and all pieces are erasers. And, one final thing, speaking of ‘new twists’, our house is in love with the twistable crayons and colored pencils. Our 7YO loves these too – they are great for school, travel, or any other place your child needs to sit quietly and draw. The best part is no peeling of the crayon wrapper or color residue falling all over as you sharpen. Just twist and color! 

As you shop for school supplies, remember a few things: 

1. Keep to your budget. Kids can get carried away and insist they need everything. Their ‘needs’ can easily be ‘wants’. 

2. Follow the school supply list. Typically, there are very specific requests for elementary and middle school ages. As they head into junior and senior high, there is more flexibility for personalization. 

3. Make sure you are aware of school policies, rules, etc – some may have requests to avoid super heroes or anything that promotes violence in any way. 

4. Don’t get overwhelmed by the aisles and aisles of supplies. Stick to your list. 

5. Even if the school supply list is very specific, let the kids help you with this task. It will help start the ball rolling to get them BACK in TO the SCHOOl mindset. 

Happy Shopping! 



The Perfect Touch Gift Store



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