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Oscar Color Trends – Everyday Life!

Pool Time Fun – Products – GDGC

It’s Summer! It’s Hot! And, it’s time to ‘beat the heat’ by heading to the lake or the pool. 

But, before you do, check out these fun items! Guaranteed – you will be taking a few of these with you too! 

The Lolly Garden

Looking for adorable swimwear for the kiddos – head to The Lolly Garden! Who doesn’t love the duck swimsuit or the cat towel? And, the bigger leaf hat is adjustable by drawstring around the head instead of the ‘standard’ under the chin strap. The sunglasses are super cool too, because they are bendable for any child to drop, step or sit on! 

Super Summer Savings at The Lolly Garden: 40% off swimwear (minus hats) and 25% off already reduced prices. 

Ribbons on Peoria

Ribbons on Peoria is quickly becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for me. When I went in there for this segment, I had everything from a cover up and hat for me, kids dressed, cooler, and tote in tow, as well as some adorable additions to make pool time fun! I had everything I needed! 

I’m LOVING the giant umbrella hat, as well as the portable speakers to play music off your phone, and the colors in the cover up are gorgeous! There are so many fun items from the totes to the crazy colored cooler to the bikini onesie that will make your ‘day in the water’ wonderful. And, let’s be honest, if you are entertaining, who wouldn’t love the wine corksicle to keep your wine chilled on a hot day? 

Super Summer Savings at Ribbons on Peoria: 20-50% off Summer Sale

Now that the 4th of July has come and gone, summer sales have begun. It’s a great time of year to stock up with summer savings and HOT enough to still enjoy your purchases! 

Links: The Lolly Garden, Ribbons On Peoria


POW – That’s Color!


(photo courtesy of The Limited)

When I think of color, I think of the words “BAM” and “POW”! Can you tell that I have a 7YO boy under my roof? It’s all about super heroes, transformers, and every other character that has magic and power.

 But, in all seriousness, color IS powerful. It creates a confidence, it’s eye-catching, and can ‘stop traffic’! Wouldn’t you want to stop traffic? Well, in a good way!

 Color is a great way to break out of ‘the norm’. We, especially women, have a tendency to fall into the world of neutrals, because it’s safe. It’s slimming and safe! (Yes, I wouldn’t have even had to say the word ‘safe’, because, as women, we only hear the word ‘slimming’.) There is nothing wrong with the neutral world – it’s a basic canvas of where we can infuse color.

 If you are ‘new’ to color, this is a perfect time of year to try it, because color is EVERYWHERE. This spring season has exploded with varying shades of color from pretty pastels to the neon shades of the 80’s. So, pick your favorite shades and give it a try!

 Just keep these few things in mind:

  •  Don’t go head to toe in color, or more, specific ONE color. You can get away with varying shades of one color that compliments. 
  • You can go ‘all color’ by color blocking your outfit. Just make sure not to use more than 3 colors in your color blocking combination.
  • Infuse color into your outfit/wardrobe where you are comfortable. Maybe, a dress in a bright color is too much. You could try a blouse, scarf, or a fabulous pair of shoes as a way to ease into the color world.
  • Make a statement with color. Don’t be afraid to pick your brightest and boldest shade of your favorite color. Be confident and proud.
  • Avoid being too ‘matchy-matchy’ with your accessories and your outfit. It’s okay to pull in the neutrals or balance one color with a complimentary color.
  • Have fun! Color is a confidence builder. It is guaranteed to put a little extra spring in your step when you look in the mirror and even make that smile a little bit bigger.

 I have found myself totally addicted to the color trend this season! I have quite a collection of colored denim from spring and that has translated into various colored shorts for summer.

 Tis’ the season for color! Enjoy! 

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