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Transformed…Inside and Out!

FNOTulsa Makeover Contestants - Lynn (left) and Julie (right)

(photo taken at contestant’s ‘reveal’ on Great Day Green Country)

I had the opportunity, in the past few months, to participate in Fashion’s Night Out Tulsa – Makeover Contest. (For those of you that don’t know what Fashion’s Night Out NEED to know about it and will tell you in a minute!) I  was part of a team of ‘specialists’ (hair, makeup, fashion stylists) that helped ‘transform’ the top two contestants, Julie and Lynn, and have the community vote for the ‘most transformed’. (Voting is still open at

Julie - at Little Black Dress


I had the pleasure of working with Julie. I fell in love with her immediately, because of her kind and gracious demeanor. As well as,  she has a smile that lights up a room. Julie is a busy mom who is looking to go back to work, so we kept that in mind when shopping for her. I wanted her to step outside of the ‘safe zone’ a little bit and find something with a little ‘edge’. Something that could go to work during the day, but, still be used to create a look for a night on the town too. 

We started at Little Black Dress (Brookside, Tulsa). We found a beautifully, colored, tribal print, uneven hem, blouse that can be easily worn with a straight skirt or straight leg dress pant for work and throw it on with a pair of dark denim for an evening out. We, then, headed to J.Cole Shoes (Riverside – King’s Landing) to compliment the look. Julie had been ‘doing her homework’ and read about how every woman’s closet should have a good nude/neutral shoe. It lengthens the look of the leg. So, off we went to in search of the perfect nude shoe. We found a beautiful Calvin Kein number that I’m still wondering why I haven’t gone back to get for myself. Beautiful! 


Here is what I loved about this whole experience. One, this wasn’t your ‘typical makeover’ where you whisk them in, run them through the paces and spit out the final result. We wanted the contestants to really be able to learn from each specialist, so they could continue on their own. And, two, it was very simple things that Julie said that made my heart fill with joy. She was so excited that I helped find her ‘inner fashionista’ again. She knew her fashionista side was in there, she had just lost track of her over the years. And, what really brought me to tears was the fact that she “already considered herself a winner whether she wins the final transformation or not”. Then, I knew, our job was complete. We had found that confidence and inner beauty that was already within her…it had just been shadowed over time. 


Now, for those of you that don’t know what Fashion’s Night Out is…you NEED to know! And, for those of you, in Tulsa, there is a Fashion’s Night Out Tulsa too. It all happens on September 6th, 2012. And, when I say, it ‘all happens’, I mean it is happening all over the world on the same day/night! It’s a global initiative started by American Vogue, Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company, and the City of New York to create a fun and electric night of fashion and shopping to support the local community. 

(logo courtesy of

It has grown over the years and made it’s way to Tulsa! YAY! This year, Tulsa is hosting Liz Lange, NYC Designer, at The Mayo Hotel for a kick-off luncheon. Liz will share her experiences as a fashion designer and then set your sites on the fall fashions during a fashion show showcasing local retailers, a design contest, and shopping, shopping, and more shopping that takes you right into the evening with a multitude of events happening in stores all over the city. A day not to be missed! 

Get your girlfriends and get ready to SHOP! 

For more information and to buy tickets, go to:

Shopping Resources: Little Black Dress, J.Cole Shoes

FNOTulsa = Success!

Ok…I know I’m a little behind in recapping FNOTulsa. It was on September 8th…and, today, is September 20th. I’m a little behind! But, with a family wedding riding the coattails of FNOTulsa – it took me until now to realize that I hadn’t written my blog about the fabulous, fashion-filled evening yet – My fault!

Words that come to mind for FNOTulsa: fabulous, fun, fashion-filled, fantastic….oh my goodness, it was so much fun!

Where to start to try and recap about the evening’s festivities?! What I can definitely say is…if you weren’t out and about, you missed a fun evening!

Miss Jackson’s really took it to a level all their own with various fashion shows, a band, a red carpet with a step and repeat….a very glamorous vibe to the whole event! You wouldn’t believe the fashions that were designed from garment bags, gift bags, and tissue paper…it was their version of Project Runway and it was awesome!



Yep – we even got our picture taken on the red carpet at Miss Jackson’s…we had time to sneak in a little fun while “working”!


If you wanted to hop from Utica to Brookside without the hassle of driving, the FNOTusla committee provided a trolley! THIS was a perfect way to get to all of the events!

 I was be-bopping, skipping, and running my way to all of the events – there were many that I missed, because I just couldn’t get to them all…but, managed to head over to Brookside to help with the trolley stop there, as well as visit a few stores!

Always have lots of love for Kelly from Little Black Dress!


 Lots of activity…all around!


And, who doesn’t LOVE a fashion show while you are walking down the sidewalk?!? Models LIVE…literally! :) Showing us the latest and greatest fashions for fall provided by Center 1!


The evening was amazing – SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, if you missed it, you missed out!

But, wait…there is always next year! And, I guarantee, after this year, it’s going to be even BIGGER and BETTER!

Stay tuned!!!

I’m So Excited…

I’m so excited! And, I just can’t hide it….

As I say/type/think those words – I can’t help but hear the words from the Pointer Sisters song ringing in my ears….does that date myself?

Are you wondering WHY I’m so excited??

It’s Tulsa’s FIRST Annual Fashion’s Night Out coming up on Thursday, September 8th, 2011!

Fashions Night Out Tulsa

For those fashionistas out there, you KNOW what the evening is all about. It’s a night of fun, fashion, and celebration! It started in New York City and has, now, evolved to numerous cities across the country and, even, the world – and, one of those cities is TULSA!

There are so many fun and exciting events happening around town, I can’t even begin to list them all. Saks Fifth Avenue, Miss Jackson’s, Little Black Dress, Center 1, and Posh - all stores that have events planned – and that’s only a few of them! BUT, I know where you CAN find out about all of the festivities! At:

AND, don’t miss out on some fun Fashion’s Night Out merchandise too!  It can be found at Miss Jackson’s! I may just have to pick up one of each!

So, ladies – mark it on your calendars and start the countdown! Starting tomorrow, Fashion’s Night Out – Tulsa will only be 7 days away! And…you are NOT going to want to miss it! Come on out and support your local community!

Happy Shopping!



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