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Great Gatsby Makin’ a Comeback..

Do you remember reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in high school? Ok, I don’t either. But, I DO  remember the movie with Robert Redford. The lavish parties he would throw and, oh, so handsome! 

Well, they are bringing ‘Gatsby’ back to the big screen! And, it opens this weekend! 

I’ve already heard quite a few rumbles of people planning Gatsby parties, attending a Gatsby party, etc. So, here are few tips to throw your own: 

Gatsby Garden Party

Galvenized tin was popular in the 1920′s, so go ahead and pull out your pails and platters. Use them as decor. But, Gatsby was all about the lavish lifestyle – even in the middle of the day.  Think white tents in the yard, white and cream flowers EVERYWHERE, and chandeliers dripping in crystals. Yes, this decor is a little more ‘tame’ than the typical Gatsby party – but, will definitely provide you with the same vibe. My only suggestion – use real flowers! Artificial flowers were used for this picture (it’s what I had available at the time). 

Hide your booze - like the bootlegging days!

Prohibition was in the 1920′s and bootlegging was very common. So, why not ‘play’ on the prohibition and brown bag all of your beverages. You can even name them with some of the slang terms from the 1920′s, like ‘Giggle Water’.

Gatsby Glamour

Maybe, you prefer to have an evening party. An evening of ‘Gatsby Glamour’. Gatsby lived the extravagant life and wanted everyone to know it. Think absolutely over-the-top lavish, food galore, full orchestras, and dancing until dawn. Again, my version is ‘tame’. But, still very do-able to create the vibe. Think silver, black, and gold in colors..feathers, fringe, and crystals everywhere. The silver beads in my picture is, actually, Christmas garland from my attic, as well as some of my costume jewels from my jewelry drawer. 

Don’t forget about a cute little party favor. Why not provide ‘Bootlegger Bubbly’? Fun little bottles of bubbles for people to use at the party or take home. 

Get into the ‘role’ and ‘soul’ of Gatsby by throwing a Gatsby party! 

Share your thoughts on the movie too! 

Going back to the 80′s…

Who didn’t love the 80′s? I LOVED the 80′s! So, when I had a ‘big’ birthday coming up – that’s what I wanted. I wanted to go back in time (no, not ‘Back to the Future’)…and go back to the 80′s! 

We served 80′s food, played 80′s music and dressed 80′s too! 

Some costume ideas for the 80′s: 

-80′s movie characters


-valley girl

-Madonna/Cyndi Lauper

-Hair Band

And, here are a few more tips for you: 

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