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Going Green – For St. Patty’s and Spring!

Who is Irish? Are you Irish? St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. BUT, even if you are NOT Irish, you will fit right in this spring. Because, GREEN is HOT, HOT, HOT! 

The actual ‘pantone pick’ of the year is EMERALD. But, shades of green are sprouting up everywhere – from mint to kelly to emerald – in magazines, stores, and more! 


Perfect picks from Posh! Loving the lace inset on the back of the solid green blouse! And, if you are not 100% sure about the green – mix it up with a print or stripe. 

Must Stash

Lace is prominent this spring season too. So, why not mix two trends in one. Mint green dress shorts with a lace overlay. Win-win! Cut-outs and designs that add dimension are popular too. Loving the modern squares on this fun tank! 

Must Stash

And, let’s not forget the men. The various shades of green are finding their way into men’s fashions too. Anyone heading out on spring break? Don’t forget to pack shorts for those warmer destinations. 


Maybe, you aren’t big on immersing yourself into the trends. And, you don’t want to be ‘The Grinch’, in the spring, dressed in green from head to toe. Pick a smaller element that works for you – like a purse, belt, scarf, or jewelry – and compliment your existing wardrobe with the trend. 

Must Stash

A few more options to jump on the ‘green bandwagon’, as well as a few specific St. Patty’s Day styles too. With all the shades of green this season, there is no excuse for ‘getting pinched’ on St. Patty’s Day. 

Going Green!

And, yes, it’s true! I’m ‘going green’ too! I am totally hooked on the colored denim trend – so, why not have a pair of Emerald green jeans to be ‘on trend’ this season. Ok, I, also, have a pair of mint green jeans too. See, told you, I was totally hooked! 

So, no matter what the shade, make sure you are ‘going green’, not just for St. Patty’s Day, but, for this spring too! 

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