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Need last minute Valentine gifts from kids? Here you go! (GDGC Segment)

From the Kids…From the Heart!

Valentine’s Day is, again, upon us! And, people are running around, frantically, calling florist, candy, and jewelry stores to find the perfect Valentine for their sweetie. 

But, what about the kids? Kids love to give gifts. They are always so proud to see the surprise on the recipients face. But, what can they do that is within their skill level and financial budget? Hmm…crafts! Valentine crafts!

So, I recruited my stepson and husband (to his dismay) and we headed out to get a few supplies. Majority of the craft supplies, we had at home. We just needed some ‘filler’ for the ‘gift’ part of our project. 

My stepson couldn’t wait to get started on the crafts. However, we, quickly, learned that he was more excited, when the craft took less than 5 minutes. It turned out to be a fun Saturday evening, which, also, turned into a Sunday afternoon too. I,definitely, need to get better at calculating the time it takes to DO the projects. Wait, I should clarify, by saying, how long it takes ME to complete all of the crafts. Pinterest is full, I mean, full, of ideas. But, it doesn’t tell you that if you plan on doing 5+ projects it is going to take you quite a bit of time. I digress….

We had FUN!! 

And the final results: 

Our Gifts

Here is what we have for our gifts: 

“We are ‘mint’ to be” – a jar filled with mints

“You’ve got the ‘write’ stuff” – pens and pencils wrapped in Valentine’s ribbon

“Coffee and Cream. You make my heart beam.” – White coffee cup with handwritten notes on it (via sharpie marker) filled with a small package of coffee, candy, and hand cream. 

“I am ‘nuts’ about you.” – a jar of almonds with Valentine’s decorations. 

“You are one in a million” – a chocolate bar in a ‘one million’ dollar wrapping

“My Pop Rocks” – a bucket filled with tootsie pops and pop rocks

“You are sweet” – a bucket filled with miniature candy bars on sticks

Homemade Art

And, nothing beats original art work by your child/children. It’s a keepsake that will last forever, as well as a perfect holiday decoration too! I LOVE the ‘Super Dad’ heart drawing (on the other side is a picture of a heart with a neck tie – that is “Work Dad”)! It has to be one of my favorites! The other heart was made by ‘finger tip painting’. And, the little frame is decorated with leftover puzzle pieces and it says, “love you to pieces”. Ok, that is one of my favorites too! 

And, I think the ‘Valentine bug’ and the ‘craft bug’ rubbed off on my stepson and husband, because look at what I was surprised with during our Valentine craft weekend…..

My own homemade Valentine gift! I LOVE IT and to be cherished always!!  (Sorry – photo is a little dark- it’s a white tee with a hand written Valentine)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wear RED – This Friday, February 1, 2013!

It’s National Wear Red Day THIS Friday, February 1, 2013! Do your part to support the Go Red for Women/American Heart Association campaign by wearing RED!!

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