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Crop Tops..makin’ a comeback!

Check it out! I lived this era of the 80′s, or should I call it the flashdance era….and now, it’s back! The “crop top” is back! Can you believe it?

I used to do this with my t-shirts and sweatshirts…I would “crop” them to make them cool! I would cut the bottom and even around the collar to give you that “one-shoulder look” (this is where you ”flash”back to flashdance…) when you REALLY wanted to look cool!

But, if you dare to wear…

*Try to avoid baring the belly, unless you are hanging with friends, on the beach, or at the gym

*Layer it over a tank top or tshirt

*For a more urban/uptown look, pair it with a pair of high waisted dress pants

Those are a few tips to bring new meaning to the “crop top”….but, I’m going to be honest…this is a trend that I may just let pass me by…and, let’s be really honest, I hope it passes by quickly!

Crop Top  – Chrome – Cherry St – Tulsa

Colors of a Rainbow…


Okay, my hubby and I are HUGE watch fanatics! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watches! I’m addicted…he is addicted…it isn’t good! So, as I was returning items that I used for the Newson6 segment from Bella Dames, I couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the watches they had available in a RAINBOW of colors! Uh-mazing!

They are awesome! Fun and funky watches at such a reasonable price! Do you know what just one of these watches could do to add some POP to your outfit? SO FUN for spring and summer…and fall…and winter! HA!

It was so hard to not buy every single watch there that day! I wanted one in every single color!

Hurry…there might be  a couple left!

Watches: Bella Dames – 61st and Lewis

The “Sex and the City” Bracelet


I showcased this bracelet in the segment on News on6 today! EVERYONE was lusting after it! I mean, EVERYONE! It is THE “Sex and the City” bracelet for the new movie coming out in a couple of weeks. Not sure whether it is a Carrie bracelet or a Samantha bracelet, but, for sure this bracelet belongs in the “Sex and the City” series! It is amazing!

Everyone fell in love with it! It is beautiful! The colors are rich and vibrant. The bird design is gorgeous! The pics that I’ve posted above to do NOT do it justice! It is UH-MAZING!

I, purposely, left it out of the “sneak peek” pics, because I just couldn’t resist leaving it as a surprise for everyone to see on air. It is stunning and needed to be a “stand alone” item! I even had to have my neighbor come over and look it, last night, because I was just giddy about it! Such a fun and unique piece of jewelry!

I found this little gem at Chrome, on Cherry street, here, in Tulsa. But, you better act fast! By the time I got to the store to drop it back off with them, they already had people calling about it!

So….don’t delay….buy your “Sex and the City” bracelet today!

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